Getting the hang of this whole blogging thing….it’s taking awhile.  I have no problems with my clients, but to get to my own stuff takes some time!  With all that said…this post has been in the works for you for some time!  It’s really a post for all my Local Lovelies with a little giveaway thrown in!

So, here’s the question….do you love to have beautiful nails and toes?  I know I do!  I love the process of it all…thinking about what color, design/no design, minx, shellac and then there’s the MASSAGE!!!!  Oh the massage, it’s like my feet melt.

Sit back, relax and meet Carolyn Mullane of The Polished Edge!

I met Carolyn years ago….a lifetime really.  Before husbands, babies, and real life happened!  We became fast friends as I was referred to her to do my nails.  As you can imagine, I was delighted when I walked into her salon one day and found her reading The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy!  Carolyn was having a baby and I was loosing my nail gal!  I mourned that loss for years!  Oh, Carolyn and I remained friends, good friends, but I said good-bye to my pretty nails!

For years I begged, pleaded and prodded Carolyn to get back into the nail business but she was happy being at home with her now 2 boys.  Then the BIG day came!  Carolyn announced she was going to hang her license again, she couldn’t stop her love affair with nail polish!  Over the next few days The Polished Edge was born!

Carolyn set up her studio in a pretty little corner of her kitchen in her home in Chandler, AZ!  It’s calm, inviting and fun!  She sets appointments around her kids schedules and allows Mommy’s to bring their kids over and play in her playroom, that is full of toys!  It’s the perfect situation for those Mommy’s that don’t have childcare .  And for Mommy’s like me, with little girls….she will paint their little nails too!  (*This being a great bribe to “play nice while Mommy gets her nails done”!)

I’m going to throw it out there….you will LOVE Carolyn!  You’ll love her space, her studio, and just her presence.

Therefore I’m going to a free manicure and pedicure to The Polished Edge!

Are you excited now?

There are four ways to enter:

(Please leave a separate comment for each entry.)

**Become a Fan of The Savvy Socialista on Facebook, then come back and leave a comment that you’re a fan!

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Good Luck!!

A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, March 16th at 9pm (MST).  Any entries received after 9pm 3/16/11, will not be considered.

This is a sponsored post.  The Savvy Socialista received payment and/or services in exchange for promotion.



  1. Mary

    I am such a fan! I love all of the businesses you feature on your site! Cannot wait to get a mani & pedi by The Polished Edge!

  2. Dawn

    I had a manicure by The Polished Edge and it lasted forever! I need to make another appointment ASAP–love the nail space too…!!

  3. Rachelle

    Of course I am a fan on FB! I’d love to go see Carolyn at the Polished Edge!! :)

  4. kimberlee hunter

    I am now a fan on Facebook! Too cool. How much do you charge? And what about for Toddlers?

  5. Nancy Hunter

    I’m a loyal FB fan! Of course I really hope I win!! Love Carolyn!

  6. Sara Kelley

    Just became a fan of Polished Edge!!!

  7. Sara Kelley

    Of course I’m a fan of the Savy Socialista!!!

  8. Jaime Anglin

    I am a fan of The Savvy Socialista on Facebook!!!!

  9. Jaime Anglin

    I am a fan of the Polished Edge on Facebook!!

  10. Jaime Anglin

    I now subscribe to The Savvy Socialistas posts!! Cant wait for the next one!

  11. Nicole Blake

    i am a fan of both ss and PE on facebook.

  12. Janelle Tapphorn Langlois

    WooHoo! My Barbie-girl little sis is doing nails again! Ah, the perks of having a nail tech in the family! I just gaze and gaze at my nails…such artistry! I am a fan of both SS and PE!

  13. Kaylene Schulze

    I am a fan of Polished Edge & Carolyn!

  14. Kari

    you KNOW I’m a fan of SS on FB!! :)

  15. Kari

    fan of the Polished Edge on FB!

  16. Kari

    following you on twitter!

  17. Kari

    subscribed to ss!

  18. Sujean

    I follow SS on FB!!

  19. Sujean

    I am a fan of Polished Edge on FB and I shared the love as well!! I love your pictures of your studio. It is very nice and relaxing looking.

  20. Sujean

    I also follow the SS on twitter!

  21. Kaylene Schulze

    I’m a fan of SS on Faceboook.


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