Turn WordPress Links Into Buttons

wordpress links

Savvy small business owners know a great website is an important step in building customer trust and loyalty; however, making functionality adjustments without being an HTML designer can be difficult. But if you’re on WordPress, you can turn your WordPress links into buttons fairly easily! Many of our clients use WordPress to design their site. It’s a great option for driving SEO and it’s easy to maintain. In order to turn…

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How To Choose A Typeface


Selecting an appropriate typeface or family for text usage is a key aspect of a design project. The best starting point is to confirm the requirements of your client and the needs of the audience. Making the time to explore appropriate font options – whether it takes a few minutes or most of a day – is a smart investment. It will pave the way for an effective design solution…

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Is Your Social Media Presence Killing Your Brand?

September 24th, 2015
social media presence

A social media presence has great potential for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. But when it’s not used properly, it can actually damage your brand’s reputation. Here are a few ways your social media presence can be killing your brand: 1. Inexperienced or Unsupervised Social Media Managers Your social media managers are the face of your company online. With social media now driving almost a third…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use A Web Design Template

web design template

Small business owners with small budgets often are lured into using a web design template instead of hiring a designer for their site. But using a template might cause more problems than it ends up being worth. Two Critical Web Design Template Implications 1. SEO Implications A lot of web design templates have a lot of extra bells and whistles included for you just in case you need them. You probably won’t…

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How To Curate Better Content

September 17th, 2015
better content

People are reading more content online than ever and that means you need to keep giving them better content to keep sending them back to your site.  Your readers don’t want to be sold – they want to be inspired, educated or entertained. The best content is useful, empathetic, and inspired. To get that content you need to ask questions! How To Curate Better Content What Are Your Customers Goals? Knowing…

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How To Launch Your Retail Store Online

September 15th, 2015
retail store online

If you have a retail business, but aren’t utilizing an ecommerce website, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to launch your retail store online. An ecommerce website will give you visibility and traction across the globe! Keep in mind, starting a retail store online reuires patience, diligence and the right online business tools. The ecommerce landscape delivers a wide range of business benefits, including operating a store 24 hours each day. How…

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Using Yoast With Your WordPress Site


Adding the Yoast plugin to your WordPress site gives you the opportunity to optimize your SEO tactics. Yoast assists you with your webpage titles and meta descriptions. Think of your website’s page titles and meta descriptions like a book. The book title, displayed on the front cover and spine of the book, tells what the book is about, much like the page title of your website’s webpages. The blurb on the…

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Make Twitter Work For Your Business

September 8th, 2015
make twitter work for your business

If your Twitter feed is feeling stale, you can easily revitalize it and make Twitter work for your business! Here are a few new ways to bring your Twitter feed back to life: 1. Organize Followers By List There are many people you need to follow on Twitter for business reasons such as customers, suppliers, neighboring businesses, peers and competitors. As the number of people you follow grows, so does…

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Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store

social media traffic

It may seem your social media traffic is constantly driving people to your ecommerce store. So how do you get your followers to get offline and into your retail store? Even though it may seem easier to funnel traffic to your website, it’s possible and valuable to use social media to funnel your followers to your physical store instead. Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store 1. Offer special coupons only…

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