April 16th, 2011

Seriously, ridiculous, I know! But still, I can’t help myself…when a package comes and has my name on it, I get all giddy! Today was no exception! I walked to the mailbox, like any other day (except when it gets up to 100 degrees, then I drive, let’s be honest here…a girl doesn’t want to sweat that much!). But, as I placed my key in the keyhole, twisted it and opened the small silver door THERE IT WAS!!! I kid you not, it was gleaming! A PACKAGE!!! But not just any package, a package with MY NAME ON IT!

I could hardly contain myself, I practically ran home! Who cares that the People magazine with Jennifer Lopez’s beautiful face was in the box too, it was all about the package! I didn’t know what was in that small brown paper box, but I knew, it had to be something delightful. So I hollered for my little girlies and made sure the hubby’s eyes were focused as I slowly sliced the package open. There, amongst the paper was 2 simply lovely small boxes. They were so perfect with the label Blush Envy on them.

OOOO, I knew right then and there what laid in those perfect packages! I’d been yearning for what awaited me in those packages for weeks now! You see I saw my sweet friend, Kim, from The TomKat Studio at the Working Women event and she was wearing this fabulous ring that I could not keep my eyes off. I nearly died thinking, “I MUST HAVE THAT RING!” So I had to ask, “where, where can I get that ring, immediatley?” And then she said it….“Blush Envy”. Do you know what I did right then and there? You got it! I got on my iPhone and quickly looked up Blush Envy on Facebook. But, much to my dismay, Brandy (the owner and creative genius) was working on her site and I couldn’t order. Therefore, I wrote her and expained just how much I needed that ring!!! Then I waited, and waited and just when I was ready to cry for that ring….the clouds parted and Ta-Dah… Blush Envy was open for business!!!!

And now….here I sat, staring at those boxes! As my girls giggled and my hubby just wanted me to get on with things, I slowly opened each package. There it was….the perfect ring! A big, hot pink flower! It screamed my name the moment I laid eyes on it. My sweet Hanna squealed with delight and immediately begged to put it on as little Sofia continuously said, “my turn, my turn.” Sadly, for them, they were not going to touch that perfect ring! Is was for my finger, and my finger only, at least for that moment! I was overjoyed!


Then came the second box! What could be in the pretty second box? Oh! The perfectly brilliant Blush Envy earrings in a soft peachy pink. Right then and there I thought I’d died and gone to fashion heaven! I slowly placed them in my ears and have yet to take them off! I’m in love…yes, love with earrings and a ring!

I mean, seriously, look for yourself? You must admit, they are spectacular. Each item in the Blush Envy collection is a part of Brandy’s heart and soul and is made from scratch by her hands! These little pieces of heaven are all made from paper and are the work of a true artist.

Now my final thought….how many outfits can I buy to go with these pieces of perfection? The possibilities are endless!


  1. Brandy Johnson

    You are the best! Loved it-every bit of it, including the torture of your husband-lol!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with your world!!!

  2. Erin

    Um …………. so in love with your new jewels. I just may copy you. 😉


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