Seriously, I still can’t even believe it!  When Stephanie Sandoval from Sonoran Living called and started chatting with me about my business it was a huge WOW for me!  We processed through some ideas because Sonoran Living wanted to share with their viewers how Facebook can work for them.  We came up with SAVVY DEALS to promo on the show.  I was delighted to bring on several of my sweet clients & friends!

Of course, first things, first…what to WEAR?!?!  I ended up wearing this black dress that I bought last November from Express and last spring’s yellow shrug from Nordstrom.  But, let me tell you….it was not easy!  After a phone call with my sister, I was in deep panic mode!  What I had in mind she clearly told me, “would simply not work!”  Yikes!!!  So off I flew to the computer to write an email and ask my sweet friend, Fawn Cheng, Personal Stylist for some advice.  She calmed me down and helped me reevaluate and POOF, this is the outfit!  Loved wearing the necklaces from The Lovely Letter and the cuff from Gussied.  Unfortunatley you can’t see the great shoes, but you can in the video…they are fabulous, courtesy of Calvin Klein!

Back to Sonoran Living—my mom came with me, thank goodness!!!  For those of you that do not know, she is my assistant!  She is an amazing interior decorator and she set up the beautiful table for Sonoran Living.  We had a great time setting up the very cool hats from Petal Chic Boutique and the lovely jewelry from The Lovely Letter.  We knew the order that we were going to show the items in so those two companies started it out.  Then the simply darling copper cuffs from Gussied came next.  Last–all the items that PeaPod Announcements & Giftssent!   And “drum roll please…..”



Everyone seemed thrilled with how everything looked.  It was a gorgeous table!  Some of the fun items from PeaPod Announcements & Giftsthat are must sees were the Three Designing Women fabulous stamper set, all the great notepads and the cute vase wrap, came from Donovan Designs, and the frames, ice bucket and fabulous tray came from Rosanne Beck Collection.  The cool tote came from The English Paper Company.

I’m so thankful for my friend, Bonnie at Inspired Occassions for making the delicious cupcakes!!!  I needed cupcakes because PeaPod Announcements & Gifts sent cute cupcake bands from The Paper Menu.  They are darling because you can have them custom printed with pretty much anything!  I was very sad when the last cupcake was gone.  You have no idea how good they were!  YUM!

I’m beyond thankful to the vendors who generously offered the Savvy Deals for Sonoran Living viewers and Facebook fans!  Another thank you to everyone at Sonoran Living, including Stephanie Sandoval & Andi Barness.  Also, I have to tell you how terrific my friend and photographer, Carlee Komar with Oh Snap Photography is.  Because she’s so darn cute I asked her to model the Petal Chic Boutique hat and she came along to photography the entire production.  So big ol thanks to Carlee! And last but certainly not least the biggest thanks goes to my mom, Nancy, for putting in countless time for set-up, tear-down and just plain making my life easier!

Looking so forward to returning to Sonoran Living offering even deeper discounts for the Savvy Deals.  If you know someone that would be a perfect fit for this piece just “Chat Back”.  In the meantime….you can see the entire feature below!

Savvy Deals from The Savvy Socialista


  1. Erin Tagle

    Um. I love that dress!!!! Super cute. Thanks for representin’ so well! :)

  2. Jodi Martinez

    Fabulous post Jami!! I cannot Thank You enough!! You’re the BEST!! :)

  3. Susan Hedgepeth

    Thank you so much for featuring our products along with so many other fabulous products! You ROCK!

  4. Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture

    Wonderful job!! Susan of Peapod Announcements told me about your company. I’m also an online friend with Kim of TomKat Studios. You did an amazing display! Congrats!

  5. Alicia -- Beba Photography

    Yay! Jami! That’s so awesome! I’m so proud of you! I hope that this is the first of many special blessings to come your way! So proud! Hooray! : )

  6. Diane Meehl

    Looks like you had a blast; LOVE the pictures… awesome blog!


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