So, you have a website and you have a blog – now you want to focus on driving more traffic.  It’ll be a team effort, but certainly one that’s doable.



Make a company-wide commitment to “content marketing” thru your blog.  You will see an increase in organic search traffic which will translate to more and better leads, and sales.  Not only will sales volume increase, but there’s potential your business will grow to the point where you’ll need to hire additional employees.  And who doesn’t want to create jobs in this economy!?


Four factors to consider:


#1 – Buy in from the top – In order for any new strategy to be effective you need full participation – not only from employees, but from the executives and owners as well.  The Boss.  There needs to be an intentional shift from leadership saying to everybody “this is the way we are doing things now – the wave of the future.”


#2 – Make it easy for everyone to contribute – Don’t let the responsibility of blogging fall on one person’s – or one department’s – shoulders.  Let everybody in on the fun!  There is no “one-size-fits-all strategy” to blogging or for coming up with content.  Some employees may have no problem at all coming up with what they want to write about.  Others may need a little encouragement…list of keywords from Hub Spot for inspiration, work off of a specific post title, some may be more comfortable making a video blog.  When someone inevitably gets ‘stuck’ – offer help, ideas, suggestions.  Remember, the key is to keep it FUN!


#3 – Empower a content officer – You may consider having a single point of contact for all blog drafts.  Someone who is a natural writer who can take a draft, outline or even a list of bullet points from another team member and craft it into a well-edited, SEO-keyworded post, injecting some humor and personality along the way.  This makes it easier for team members who maybe aren’t so great with words to contribute very little yet have it turned into a great blog post they get recognized for.


#4 – Make it fun and rewarding – A huge element to remember is to consistently celebrated and reward contributions to the company’s content marketing.  This creates an environment where employees are intrinsically motivated and excited to continue contributing.  Maybe even dub an employee a “content superhero” each week.  The more you recognize and appreciate your team, the more motivated they’ll be.


What do you think?  What strategies are or are not working for you?  Do you want (need) a blog for your business?  Contact The Savvy Socialista today – we can help!

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