Alright ladies, there are literally zillions of choices when it comes to beauty supplies and cosmetics.  The options can truly be overwhelming.  And some are downright outrageously expensive.  We all want to save a penny or two, right?  So, how do you know when you should splurge and when you can save?  Read on for specific – and more importantly, useful – tips…


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The days of people turning their noses up at generic or store brands are over – especially when it comes to beauty.  So says Rebekah George, beauty and style expert and host of Total Look on  “Many drugstores chains are creating their own private label brands that rival well-known, and more expensive, brand-name counterparts,” she shares.


But not every product can be easily swapped out for a cheaper alternative.  “Certain ingredients are patented and hard to duplicate,” says George.  “What’s key is knowing when you can get away with a store brand and when you can’t.




Here’s the guide – we’ve cracked the code:

Facial MoisturizerSPLURGE – Brand names tend to have stronger anti-aging ingredients and are less likely to irritate or clog pores.  Plus, store brands are often loaded with fillers, chemicals, and oils.


Deodorant – SAVE – Most deodorants contain the same active ingredient.


Sunscreen – SAVE – In 2010, Target’s Up& Up Sport sunscreen beat out a slew of pricier options to be named a “best buy” from Consumer Reports.  Tip – look for broad-spectrum coverage and buy it in bulk.


Makeup – SPLURGE – The best eye shadows and foundations are still brand-name buys.  Why?  Brand names tend to have longer-wear formulas, and you’re more likely to find a foundation that truly matches your skin.  If you’re looking to save some pennies yet still go semi-name-brand, check out Sephora.  They have more than 200 affordable products that are great quality.


Hairspray – SAVE – Most contain the same active ingredient.  A good hairspray provides maximum hold with minimal buildup – so look for labels that specifically call that out.


Nail polish – SAVE – Polish technically sits on top of your base coat.  Since polish itself isn’t sitting on your nail bed, it’s okay to go cheap.  For the base?  Splurge on the good stuff!


Eye cream – SPLURGE – This is so not an area you want to play games with.  Spend the money – you’ll be happy you did.


So there ya have it…a down and dirty guide on when to save and when to splurge.  Share with us – what are you beauty products and cosmetic faves??  We’d love to hear!

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