It’s 50/50 – let’s meet halfway – find some middle ground…


The cliches and figures of speech are endless, but they basically mean the same thing.  It’s not all about you!  I like this metaphor – just because you show up to a party doesn’t mean anyone necessarily HAS to interact with you.  Social media works similarly in that you can build a nice looking Facebook or Twitter profile and put out some great content even at the right time – but there’s no guarantee that anyone will actually engage with you.


Listening 101  When someone is nice enough to follow you or like your page, it’s your responsibility to show them you are listening.  You can do this by using the keywords and hashtags they are already using.  Respond to the conversations already taking place.


Remember the questions they are posting on your page or tweeting.  The answers to these questions make great blog posts, and if one person has that question you can bet others do as well.  Just like in high-school…


Politeness counts  When your followers start engaging with you always say “thank you for your post/comment/RT.” You can also “like” their comment or “favorite” their Retweet.


Facebook fans can now direct message a business page.  This is great for brands because not everyone wants to post their question or concern publicly on the brand’s timeline.  Make sure to turn this feature on in the admin panel on your business page.  Remember, social media is in real-time.  Further, social media end-users are the opposite of patient.  Respond to them in a timely manner and they’ll be more inclined to view you and your business in a more favorable light.  Everybody wants to feel as if they’re your priority – it’s human nature.


Rest assured, The Savvy Socialista views YOU as a priority.


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