October 11th, 2012

Picture this…it’s October 30th, Halloween is tomorrow, you have a party to attend, and have absolutely NO idea what you’re going to do for a costume.  Or, it’s the morning of October 31st and you JUST NOW were invited to a fabulous Halloween party by that mom at the soccer field you’ve always wanted to befriend.  What in the world are you going to do!?!?!?


No need to panic, we’ve got you covered with these 10 last-minute Halloween costume ideas.


Ceiling Fan

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // Tshirt and pom poms

Ready? Ok! Use adhesive letters (or masking tape) to spell go ceiling! On a shirt. Carry pom-poms or mopheads. Short pleated skirt optional.


Iron Chef

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // chef hat and iron


Wear a chef’s hat (easily found at restaurant supply or craft store) or an apron and hold an iron. Bonus points if a friend dresses as your (orange-clogged) competition: Mario Batali.


Fork in the Road

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // shirt with fork in middle of road

Wear black. Using white duct tape, make a line of dashes (your lane lines) that begins at one ankle and ends at your collar. Fasten a fork along the route.


Split P

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // Hoodie with letter P and zipper down the middle


Cut out a large “p” from a piece of colored construction paper, then cut it in half. Tape it to your hoodie so that the zipper appears to slice through it.



"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // Glass coke bottle on a rope


Grab an empty bottle from the recycling bin. Tie a string around its neck, then loop it around yours. Complain all night about “traffic on the 101.”


Pumpkin Pi

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // orange t-shirt with mathematical pi on it


Dress in orange. Cut out a pi symbol from black paper (or print one out; type option + p) and tape it to your shirt. Look infinitely more festive.



"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // crinkled dollar bill


Tape a $1 bill to each of your ears. Now you’ve got a buck an ear.



"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // gold art frame


Carry a large, empty picture frame (minus the glass) and hold it in front of your face.


Tickled Pink

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // pink boa


Dress from head to toe in rose or fuchsia. Accessorize with a feather boa.


Cat Out of the Bag

"10 Last-Minute Halloween-Costume Ideas" // Brown paper bag

Wear cat ears. Hold an empty bag or pillowcase. Purr-fection!


Sure, it’s only the 11th and you have plenty of time to design and make a super well-thought-out and intricate costume.  But let’s face it…you’re going to blink your eyes and POOF it’ll be the day before Halloween and you’ll be racing around trying to throw a costume together.  When that happens, we sure hope you’ll remember these fantastic (and clever) 10 last minute Halloween costumes.


Happy Costume-ing!


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