I’m thrilled to share a new website we recently launched for one of our Web Development clients–Layna Lark, an online retailer of high quality fabulous jewelry. The Savvy Socialista developed a brand identity style and color palette for her website (see our graphic below) that matches the overall look she wanted to achieve for her beautiful jewelry line and still keep a high functioning Magento eCommerce Website.

The Savvy Socialista Branding for Layna Lark

If you are a business owner and need to develop or update your company’s brand identity, here is some info to help you with that process:


First, you need to understand the difference between brand identity and the logo. Some owners confuse the two concepts and it’s important to know the difference. A brand is the overall emotional impact of the company identity—it’s what customers feel when they see the colors, logo and marketing pieces. So the brand is actually what your audience makes of it. For example, through their brand identity, three national retailers each aim for a different brand feeling–one is good value for decent quality youth-oriented clothing like Old Navy, another is sexy and cool but higher priced like Hollister and a third, Macys, targets a more mature customer who wants classic stylish clothing at a good price point.


Second, the actual identity part is everything you choose from the colors, typeface, marketing, messaging, packaging and logo and everything that represents the business. Check out this article for tips on company branding.


Third, in addition to helping Layna Lark with their brand identity, we set up an eCommerce capability through a Magento  eCommerce website, an eshopping platform that provides hosted solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Business owners may be familiar with Osommerce to provide an online shopping experience but Magento eCommerce website is quickly becoming the more popular choice. See our attached graphic and check out this article by tainteractive.com, which gives a good overview of the difference between Magento eCommerce website and oscommere. Let The Savvy Socialista help you develop a winning brand identity for your company starting with an eye-catching logo and if needed, successful Magento ecommerce website solutions!

The Savvy Socialista shares differences in eCommerce Websites
Photo from i95dev.com via Pinterest
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