Thanks to a program called EdgeRank, Facebook is deciding for you what comes through on your newsfeed on a regular basis to save you from being bombarded with too many posts from all your different “likes”. Unfortunately, as a business owner, this means the algorithm program determines which Facebook fans get to see your business posts based on those who “like” or comment on them. If your fans don’t take the time to engage regularly with your business, your Facebook posts will drop off their newsfeed feed along with businesses they actually “un-liked” and didn’twant to see.

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How can you get more followers and interact with the ones you have when only 6-16% of your fans are actually seeing your posts–crazy isn’t it??!

To have a Facebook business page that will get regular exposure to your fans to help you get more followers and keep your business and branding message top of mind, there are a few things you can do that won’t cost you money that Facebook hopes you will fork over to buy ad space.

First, check out my graphic, below, that shows how simple it is to add The Savvy Socialista and other favorite Facebook pages to your interest list so you can be sure to see them on your newsfeed. Then let your customers know to do the same so they are not missing any of your business postings. Look into things you can do to get more followers and increase fan exposure.

How to get more followers to see your page

You also need to make sure that the content of your regular posts are encouraging likes and comments. By far the best thing you can do is to use more photos or visuals of some kind—a photo is still the best way to get a fan to respond. Also, make sure posts are personable and not too wordy and keep the topics to an 80/20 ratio: 80 percent about things they may be interested in and 20 percent branding and services/products you offer.

Lastly, don’t make them annoyed by posting more than once or twice a day—you want them to look forward to your  posts and in turn get more followers — not encourage them to “un-like you”!

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