The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway

It’s that time of year again!  After Black Friday is over and everyone has shopped Small Biz Saturday it is Cyber Monday!  People sit at their desks and peruse website after website looking for great deals to snatch up.  Well, have I got a great deal for you!

The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway!

That’s right!  I’m giving away over $1300 in goodies from some of my very favorite online stores! These folks have all been clients of mine.  Whether monthly social media clients, web development clients or design clients, I love each of them and know you will too!  Check out each one and then head to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway with Rafflecopter.  One lucky chickie is going to win EVERYTHING!

Let The Fun Begin!

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Custom Facebook Cover Image

The Savvy Socialista

The Savvy Socialista on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Clean Couture Bath & Body Set

Clean Couture

Clean Couture on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: FaithGrace Creations Rusty Chandelier

FaithGrace Creations

FaithGrace Creations on Facebook

(Phoenix Local Winner)

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Girlfriend Galas $25 Gift Card

Girlfriend Galas

Girlfriend Galas on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Glitzy Things Cross Wrap & Shamballa Bracelets

Glitzy Things

Glitzy Things on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Gussied 2 Knot Bracelets


Gussied on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Horsefeather Gifts $50 Gift Card

Horsefeathers Gifts

Horsefeathers Gifts on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: In The Pink $50 Gift Card

In the Pink Boutique

In the Pink Boutique on Facebook

(Phoenix Local Winner)

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Invite Cottage $50 Gift Card

Invite Cottage

Invite Cottage on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Lifestyle by The Duchess Custom Jewelry Box

Lifestyle By the Duchess

Lifestyle By the Duchess on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Little-Red-Tulip $50 Gift Card on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Layna Lark

Layna Lark

Layna Lark on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Marigolds and Marmalade $50 gift card

Marigolds & Marmalade

Marigolds & Marmalade on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Modern Posh $50 Gift Card

Modern Posh

Modern Posh on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista: Oh Snap Photography Mini Session

Oh Snap Photography by Carlee

Oh Snap Photography on Facebook

(Phoenix Local Winner)

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Origami Owl by Vicki Custom Locket

Origami Owl by Vicki

Origami Owl by Vicki on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Paper and Polka Dots $40 Gift Card

Paper and Polka Dots

Paper and Polka Dots Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Pea Pod Paper and Gifts $40 Gift Card

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Personalized From Me To You $50 Gift Card

Personalize From Me to You

Personalized From Me to You on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Poppy's Home Decor $50 Gift Card

Poppy’s Home Decor

Poppy’s Home Decor on Facebook

(Phoenix Local Winner)

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Rutherford Papers $50 Gift Card

Rutherford Papers

Rutherford Papers on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Sassy Talk JOY Blocks

Sassy Talk

Sassy Talk on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Splash Designs

Splash Designs

Splash Designs on Facebook

(Phoenix Local Winner)

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Trimaco $75 Painting Supplies


Trimaco on Facebook

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway: Twirl and Tango $40 gift card

 Twirl and Tango

Twirl and Tango on Facebook

Wow!  25 different goodies totaling over $1300!  Amazing!  So enter, enter, enter and you could be the lucky winner, winner, winner!  Winner will be chosen on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  Don’t miss out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Rachael Cook

    LOVE LOVE the chandelier! Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Lori S

    Just about anything at Horsefeathers looks like it will be right up my alley :) Pick me Pick me!

  3. Chacoy

    That’s a hard one because they are all wonderful! I would love to have an Origami Locket though(;
    Thank you all for the opportunity!

  4. Wendy Clasen

    Definitely something from Glitzy Things! I am obsessed with their jewelry!

  5. Erica Pallutch

    Thank you for the chance to win!! & thank you to everyone that is giving away such great prizes!

  6. Anna

    All of this stuff looks great, but I really want that knot bracelet.

  7. Cassie Wall

    How can I pick just one?! Glitzy Things, Personalized From Me To You, Luna Lane… Oh the joys! I can’t choose just one!!

  8. angela lawson

    I would love to win any of the beautiful items! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. Leslie moore

    The Origami Owl gift card!

  10. Kel H

    They are all such great gifts, but think would really like the oragami owl custom locket

  11. April Solsbery

    My heart goes to the Twirl & Tango Dress!

  12. Nikki

    I love, love, love the FaithGrace metal art!

  13. melissa w.

    an origami owl locket! o.m.g. i’ve been wanting one for a while now and with baby #3 coming in march it would be awesome!

  14. Nicole B

    I love the chandelier but we really want a new facebook cover image!

  15. Susan T.

    The Savvy Socialista Custom Facebook Cover Image! My page is in desperate need of the Savvy Socialista :-)

  16. STephanie D

    I am thinking my fave will be the gift card to Modern Posh Design but so many great ones!

  17. Allyson Hemric

    If I win, my absolute favorite item (although it’s hard to pick just one!) would be the gift card to Personalized From Me To You! I love their stuff and have been dying to buy some jewelry from them! Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway!

  18. Raina DelRio

    I would love the Origami Owl Custom Locket. That is on my wishlist. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!

  19. emily bradshaw

    Love the gussied knot bracelets!

  20. Erin Porter

    What a great way to kick off the holidays! Fabulous giveaways! I have my fingers crossed!

  21. Kerri B.

    I would LOVE to win any of them!!! Although I especially like the PFMTY products and the origami owl!! LOVE!

  22. Tori

    I would love to have any of them! But I would especially enjoy Personalized from me to you- I’ve been eyeing a lot of their things for a while :)

  23. Emily Sadlow

    I would love the Invite Cottage Gift Card – SUCH a FABULOUS giveaway!! Thank you!!

  24. Rebecca

    I am in love with personalized from me to you. I love giving monogrammed items for gifts! I would love to have the monogrammed necklace! Thank you!

  25. Jacque powers

    I would love so many of those prizes. Shopping local is one of my favorite things to do!

  26. Erica Geeting

    Personalized From Me to You gift card!

  27. Kayla Bradley

    I’d love anything from Personalized From Me to You! They have amazing items!!!

  28. Liz Perry

    Fave item is the Personalized from me to you GC!

  29. allie lynn

    LOVE it all!!!!

  30. StacyAC

    I would love this! I love all the sites!

  31. Paige

    The $40 to Pea Pod Gifts would make my LIFE! It would be perfect for Christmas presents!

  32. Arielle P

    Anything Monogrammed! So excited for those necklaces.

  33. Stacy

    Love personalized from me to you ! Beautiful new sites to visit…thank you!

  34. Stacy

    Thank you.

  35. Cheryl

    My favorite is the Origami Owl necklace. I have been trying to figure out what I want inside my locket for some time now. Told my husband that’s what I wanted for my Bday (coming up next week). He started doing Google searches for owl lockets LOL!!! No sweetness, I do not want an owl locket, I want an Origami Owl Locket!

  36. Michelle Smith

    Woooowza! LOVE!!!!

  37. Josie

    If I win my fav will be from Origami Owl by Vicki!! The lockets are SO neat!!

  38. amy

    what an amazing giveaway… of course my favorite would be all the personalized goodies!

  39. Tima Brown

    Love…Love…Love <3

  40. Corrine Loftus

    HorseFeathers Gifts is my favorite place ever!!

  41. Charity Spaich

    The HorseFeather Gifts GC!!! I adore them!!!

  42. Jubilee Peterson

    All of it!!! There is just too much to love just one thing the most!!!

  43. Krista Stenhaug

    Have been wanting an Origami Owl locket

  44. Linda West

    I really love the chandelier!!!

  45. Karen Katchuk

    I love it all! Especially the personalized items….

  46. Cassandra Aubut

    Origami Owl and Poppys- but I love them all!!!

  47. Anslee

    Origami Owl and handmade clothes!!!

  48. erin

    Thank you for this opportunity, so exciting! I am excited about it all but love the origami owl locket!

  49. Jennifer Morrison

    What great vendors! Thanks to all of you!

  50. Jennifer Morrison

    I’d love them all but I’m especially eying up the Clean Couture right now.

  51. Patti Krause

    Would love to be the winner, especially getting awesome pictures done by Carlee – Oh Snap Photography! Had her do our Christmas pictures last year – they are AMAZING!

  52. Tammy Levesque

    It is so hard to choose. There are so many things I would love. But if I had to choose probably the photo session with Oh Snap! But I love everything. Great giveaway!!

  53. melanie

    Oh snap is my fav for sure!! Carlee is the best!!

  54. Shanna Uptergrove

    Hmm.. so many awesome prizes to choose ONE favorite- I am loving the Origami Owl locket!!

  55. Brandi Davis Bryant

    I can’t choose just one favorite. Anything I can share is always wonderful. With all the great prizes I could keep some and give some away…(or at least I would have the best intentions to give some away) I may be greedy like the Grinch and keep it all because it is all so great. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  56. Kim Cox-Grosso

    I would be thrilled to win a mini session from Oh Snap! by Carlee. LOVE her photography!!

  57. Davida

    Oh my, it’s so hard to choose! Origami Owl Locket would probably be if I HAD to choose;) Thanks Jami for puttung togetehr this awesome give away!

  58. Sarah Blair

    Its hard to say what I would like the most, there are so many lovely items!!!

  59. Sarah Miller

    I would absolutely love to win the Personalized From Me To You gift card! :)

  60. Cassie

    the personalized from me to you

  61. beth clark

    origami owl necklace or anything for my baby girl

  62. Meg A.

    I’d be most excited about the Personalized from me to You gift card! All of the stuff is great, though!

  63. Faviola

    Love the chandelier!

  64. randi

    Howw do I sign up?

    • Jami

      Just like all the pages through The Rafflecopter!

  65. Laci

    Too many favorites to pick just one!! I love Horse Feathers and the Glitzy Things bracelets!

  66. Melinda Isaacs

    My favorite item on the list has to be the Origami Owl Locket! Thank you so much for putting this awesome giveaway together! All of these items are fantastic! :)

  67. Jennifer Mead

    This would be such a fun prize package!! I would have such a great time shopping!! I would love to win the splash designs gift card the most.

  68. mindy m

    I love all of this! I’d love to win any of them

  69. Gina Buckley Gilliam

    Love everything!! It’s hard to pick a favorite…love the monogram stuff…the custom Facebook cover, would be my first choice :)

  70. Callie Bowers

    Ahhhh there are so many fabulous things I can’t choose between them!:) one of my favorites would have to be the Personalized From Me To You card…love that monogrammed necklace!

  71. Kimberly

    I would love the Modern Posh Design certificate.

  72. Breanna

    I LOVE Personalized from me to you, Origami Owl, and Glitzy Things!!

  73. Jess Vitale

    So many great items but I’d really be siked on getting to get stuff from Horse Feathers

  74. Linsey Moffett

    Anything monogrammed. Love it all!

  75. Nancy Rau

    I love all the sites but particularly interested in the stationery specialties! Need to get those Christmas cards!

  76. Aly

    Congratulations! This giveaway is HUGE!

  77. Candace Paquin

    I could never pick a favorite! There are too many great things in this giveaway! Thank you! Although I do have the perfect empty spot for that gorgeous chandelier!!

  78. Erin Walsh

    I love everyone of these vendors, but I would especially like the gift card from HorseFeathers Gifts! Thank you!

  79. Audra

    I love all of it and if I don’t use all of them, I will give them away to friends to use. Spread the Love

  80. Francisca Susanto

    Drooling over the Origami Owl locket :)

  81. jenny van allen

    any of those items would be awesome! What a great giveaway!

  82. Lori L.

    I am so excited!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you Savvy Socialista!!!


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