As a follow up to our latest post on why it’s a great idea to start a blog in 2013, I wanted to share more social media news with you. This post’s topic is to help guide you to better business blogging. Check out our 10 tips

  • Use great photos and visuals– we are a visual society so using good photos to reinforce your message in a blog post is important. You can use your own or purchase pics from professional photo websites like iStock and Shutterstock. Infographic visuals are also super to use in your blog post and we at The Savvy Socialista can create them for you along with offering any photography that you need with our on-staff photographer.
  • Content is key. You need to make sure that your content is relevant and helpful to your readers.  Try to allow time between your first draft and the one you eventually post so you can edit as needed and make it as sharp as possible. Check out this article from on tips for great blog posts.


  • Write around key words. Don’t skip key word research because it boosts search engine optimization. There are great online tools that can help you like Google’s keyword research tool and Worktracker or a social media company, like The Savvy Socialista can help you with that as well.  We have a full team of SEO experts and SEO bloggers.
  • Create an editorial calendar– it’s easy to get the dreaded writer’s block the moment you sit down to write a blog post. Minimize that by putting together a simple editorial calendar for the month that includes the date, topic idea and graphic and link suggestions.
  • Establish a writing routine – before you launch your blog, it is a good idea to establish a writing schedule so you know how often you will be blogging. Put it in writing and post it in a prominent place so you don’t let other priorities get in the way. If you honestly cannot be consistent with the writing, it’s better to wait to start a blog until you can be.
  • Hire a writing service if needed. A company like The Savvy Socialista can not only design your blog for you but we can take over the writing so you can concentrate on other business tasks. In fact, we write blog posts for quite a few of our current clients.
  • Always be on the lookout for good content ideas. Sign up for other blogs that inspire you and provide input for blog posts. Allow yourself to be open to anything (movies, books, magazines) that might spark a blog post idea. Here is another informative article that offers some good tips on business blogging.
  • Engage your readers with questions and a call for action. Blogs are most effective when communication is a two-way street. Ask questions, run promotions and give out gifts from your company or other vendors you partner with. Ask your customers how they are using your product or how your service has changed their lives.
  • Use humor when appropriate. When used in the right way, humor just makes everything better especially with all the negative news your customers have been reading lately. If you keep your tone conversational and talk about things important to them, customers’ will think of you as a friend and not a mouthpiece for your business.

For these tips and more on how to be more social media savvy in 2013, stay tuned for more social media news from yours truly, The Savvy Socialista!

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