I’m so happy to share with you the newest logobranding and eCommerce Website launch of yet another fabulous client of oursI Thee Bling. Our client owns an online boutique that offers beautiful, high quality bridal accessories, “Couture for every Girl”, all on one website, which saves brides time and money.  Who wants to waste time searching website after website for items from several different vendors?  Really, it’s genius!  You can imagine our excitement to work with such a fun concept.

After reviewing I Thee Bling’s creative brief we knew exactly the direction we wanted to go in for this lovely project.  You can see from our graphic below, we created an entire look and feel for our I Thee Bling client based on the branding personality they wanted to communicate to their customers. Everything from the colors we worked with, to the font and graphics we used, all work together as their new brand identity.

I Thee Bling Brand Board by The Savvy Socialista

If you are starting a new business or looking to refresh your current brand, The Savvy Socialista can help with your brand identity. Some business owners think that designing a logo is all there is to branding and while we certainly can help you with that, building a brand identity is so much more.  You really need to think about how you want your ideal customer to “feel” when they look at your website, business card or social media outlets.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Branding is a promise to potential customers that they can trust your company to deliver the service or product in the manner they desire. For example, a brand like Coca Cola always delivers on providing a fizzy, refreshingly sweet drink each and every time. Their customers know that a Coca Cola drink –whether they purchase it at a restaurant, mini-mart or grocery store– will deliver refreshment—period, end of story. Now that is the kind of brand recognition and consistency that every business strives for!

Brand Identities

When a company moves from being a basic commodity like an athletic shoe to becoming a successful national brand like Nike, they have hit on brand magic. But all companies have to start somewhere and building your brand identity takes being able to step back and take a high level look at the present and future direction you want to take your company. You also want to specifically define the “feeling” you want your customers to feel when buying and working with your company.


The Savvy Socialista helps clients with branding and ecommerce
Photo courtesy of Google Images

If you decide not to work on building a particular brand identity, then you are leaving to chance that your customers, or worse, your competitors, will do it for you.  When you are ready to get started on branding your business, give us a call and we have a team of professional graphic designers, web developers, writers and marketing personnel who would love to get started helping you with your branding as well as set you up for eCommerce as we did for I Thee Bling.

 I Thee Bling Website

You may be wondering what platform we used to develop I Thee Bling’s eCommerce website. We set up their website for eCommerce using the Magento platform, which is the platform of choice for the majority of our eCommerce clients today. If you are not familiar with Magento, here is a great article to give you some background.

So, what do you think?  Love the brand identity for I Thee Bling?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Chat back!

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