An article I read recently gave great examples of how big brands successfully use the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to reinforce their branding to current and potential customers. Here are three popular companies and how they brand themselves across different platforms:

Let’s start with Target. They seem to have cornered the red color market and it works beautifully for them. Their Facebook cover image shows a random number of items nicely arranged and all in a fiery red color. The picture denotes strength, simplicity and efficiency. Their Twitter page also uses red as the dominant color but includes their cute dog mascot to also reinforce their brand. Lastly for Pinterest, Target simply shows the “target” red logo and uses this platform to display a variety of products all on different boards including food, home and holidays, see below.

The Savvy Socialista-Reinforcing branding

Next is Etsy, the website for people to sell their crafts and homemade items. They rely quite a bit on building their brand on social media. They consistently use content, font and color to stand out above their competitors and their branding has a distinct look and feel. For Facebook, they use a simple and recognizable icon –the letter E- and for their cover page they use a hand painted bird item on a tree and it says creative, homey and unique and again, sticking with their branding (see below).

For Twitter, Etsy uses a simple color block of their signature brand color and an interesting picture of branded bottle caps behind their logo. And for Pinterest, they use their simple E letter and brand color for their profile photo and have well organized boards (much like a catalog) that speak to their target audience.  Their branding is very clear.

The Savvy Socialista-Reinforcing branding

Our last company is the best of the best—Coca Cola. Who doesn’t know this brand? They use social media to sell their product more as a lifestyle than an actual soft drink beverage. They also communicate using emotion to sell the product so their customers connect to their product on a deeper level –way beyond quenching their thirst! For Facebook, they use photos that bring a smile to your face like a group of friends having cold Cokes at a summer lake house or other photos that make you feel a sense of belonging and happiness. For Twitter, they again use a scrapbook effect of displaying photos showing people having fun, being active and spending time with family and friends in different settings. They use that same approach for other social media platforms.

We feel strongly about branding.  You can read another article we did recently sharing branding tips on a small budget.

Build a Brand-The Savvy Socialista

Hope this post inspires you to take a step back and look at your overall branding strategy as it pertains to the platforms you plan to use now and in the future. At The Savvy Socialista, we can help you develop distinct  branding elements to tell your company story so give us a shout and after we’re done, we’d love to show off your new look to our readers as well!


  1. Candi

    Nice article. Branding seems to be a tough thing for me. Brand myself or my product? I wanted to share your article, but I don’t see any sharing buttons. Hope you get some soon.

    • Jami

      Thanks Candi! We have added buttons for sharing!


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