The Savvy Socialista-Twitter and Small Business Marketing

For as much as Twitter can help businesses, it’s interesting how a good amount of business owners think this social medium is only good for big brands or if you are a celebrity or in the public eye. While it certainly does work well for them, it can also help those who are marketing their small or medium sized business. Twitter has played a key role in the rise of the social media revolution.

Here are some reasons to consider using Twitter for marketing according to writer Susan Ward of

Everyone knows Twitter. More than likely businesses you never thought would have a Twitter account probably do and we are not just talking about the big brands. We mean the guy who owns the convenience store around the corner, the dry cleaner and the dance studio lady too. It is the hip thing to do and you may look like you are  behind the times if you don’t participate.

You get the message out fast. This platform gives you the ability to get your message out to all of your followers in very little time.For example, you can use to announce a new product or want to spread the word of a current promotion.

It keeps you informed. By following others on Twitter, you can keep up on your competitors, your industry in general or anything that can help with your business. You can also find out what people are saying about your brand.

You control the message. With Twitter, you have full control over your brand and marketing because messages are coming directly from you and your staff and you can respond in real time to any negative messages being spread in the media. It also helps give your brand a personality—people like dealing with people not brands.

Check out this infographic on the power of using Twitter in business:

The Savvy Socialista-Twitter and Small Business Marketing

Lastly, you can set up an attractive landing page. Don’t just rely on your tweets to tell your entire branding and marketing story. On Twitter, you can create a landing page that gives you more room to introduce new followers to your business. Some examples of what to include on your landing page include a personal message from the owner, more information about business products and services, what they need to do to become a customer, the topics you tweet about and who manages your Twitter  account behind the scenes.  As always, we are happy to help you if you need a bit of direction in the design department.  You can see what we’ve done to our Twitter page to ensure that we’ve kept our branding and marketing clear even on Twitter.

The Savvy Socialista Twitter for Small Business Marketing

The Social Media Examiner has great tips on how to be creative with Twitter for business, check out the entire article here. And if you need help with Twitter or any of the other social media platforms,  we at The Savvy Socialista would love to help. We are experts at this social media stuff and we love nothing more than to show our clients how to join the Twitter social media revolution and start including it as part of their marketing mix.


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