Whether it’s a company blog post, article on your website Tips on Making Sure Your Facebook Content Gets Seen

or other content marketing piece, publicizing it on social media, particularly Facebook, is important  for maximum leverage and visibility. But to make sure your Facebook fans are getting to see your company’s Facebook content, read on.

As we discussed in an earlier business blog post, each Facebook user has a news feed that is based on their network and their pattern of activity. I know it is harsh, but each user sees only about 1 percent of the Facebook content they signed up for. Yes, only one percent is actually seen. So how do you make sure your company Facebook content makes the cut on all of your Facebook users’ newsfeeds?

A recent blog I read explained there are three parts that determine what is filtered as decided by an algorithm provided by Edgerank. The first is Affinity (number of times more than two people have interacted on Facebook and second is Weight (the number of times people have interacted about the Facebook content) and last is Recency  (the timing of the Facebook content that is posted—most do not last more than 4 hours).

Below is a list of some ideas on how to make sure that your company Facebook content passes thru these three filters and is seen on your users Facebook news feeds. They include:

  • Post videos and photos directly on Facebook instead of a link that takes them off of Facebook to view it.
  • Post content during most peoples “off time” when they are most likely to view it—lunch hours, after work and weekends for example. Keep in mind who your typical “user” is and think about their “off time”.
  • Ask intriguing questions to get your users to provide answers and engage with your company.
  • Post often but not so much you annoy them—once a day is typically best
  • Provide Facebook content that is diverse and speaks to a variety of audiences to improve your affinity score.
  • Always post photos to boost its appeal and make it more eye catching.
  • Interact with your users who post comments on your posts.

For the remaining list of suggestions, read this article in its entirety. For another article on how to leverage your Facebook content marketing, you can read this post by cmswire.com. We also included below some tips we found on Pinterest to help provide inspiration on what to write for your actual content.

Don’t have time to add social media tasks to your plate? We at The Savvy Socialista are experts at Facebook and helping make sure you social media news gets seen. We do this by creating eye-catching graphics and providing interactive Facebook content for clients, so reach out to us, we’d love to be of assistance!

Tips on Making Sure Your Facebook Content Gets Seen


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