For today’s social media news, we wanted to blog about SEO for your small business marketing.  I have some good news and some not-so-good news to share.  Most of you are probably aware of the latter. When it comes to the search engine optimization or SEO, the big brands usually dominate that valuable piece of real estate known as the FIRST PAGE of the search engine results.

How To Boost SEO For Local Biz-The Savvy Socialista

However, according to a recent blog post we read on Search Engine Journal, small businesses can gain a SEO advantage if they add a local element to their keyword or phrase. When you add a local region to a highly searched keyword, there is a lot less competition and your business has a good chance of moving higher up the search engine results list.

For example, let’s say you are a window covering company. If you just used that phrase alone, you will be overshadowed by brands such as JC Penny’s, Home Depot and HGTV on the search engine results. But by adding the city or county you are in, let’s say Phoenix for example, your brand has a better chance of making it higher up the list. That is why having a business blog or an article posted on your website is so important for boosting SEO and the chances of potential customers finding you when they do an internet search.

In the Search Engine Journal post, their example word was “home security”, and they used  Keyword Checker Tool. Here are how many pages of search results came up for each of the words:

Keyword- Home Security: 248,328 pages

Keyword-Home Security Miami: 51 pages

You can clearly see using this GEO-modified keyword targeting works to the advantage of local businesses. We recommend using this strategy for each of your local offices or stores to be able to draw in more customers from a localized area.

How To Boost SEO For Local Biz-The Savvy Socialista

For additional information regarding SEO for small businesses, we found another informative article on the topic. It gives some excellent tips on how to get started on SEO for the small business.

Also, check out an earlier post we wrote about boosting SEO for your business blog. And remember, for help with SEO, starting a blog or refreshing or building a brand new website and a host of other social media tasks, remember to give us a call at The Savvy Socialista. Check back here again for more social media news to help you with your small business marketing.

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