Social Media Blog-The Savvy SocialistaToday’s blog post is meant to inspire those of you starting out in your businesses or perhaps stalled in your businesses and thinking the big brands or larger companies are the only ones getting all the followers on social media. We found out through Social Media about a work-at-home mom who has capitalized on social media and the number of her followers is quite amazing. Read on to find out more about how to get more followers according to Stacy Teet, pictured above.

A blogger since 2008, Stacy wrote on a variety of mom-focused topics through her blog She starting using each of the social media platforms when they came out to publicize her blog and interests, and she soon realized that she had a knack for connecting people and educating them through social media. From there, she pursued other opportunities and ended up being a brand ambassador of Sea World among others and is a social media consultant for theme parks, children’s clothing companies and toy retailers.

She does a bunch of other things too but those are just a few of the highlights, all while enjoying raising her three children. So now here are her number of followers to date for Stacy Teet, KSW Media, LLC:

Pinterest 252,525 followers

Twitter – 6,038 followers

Facebook – 3,781 likes

Google+ – 929 followers

Instagram –808 followers

Stacy shared a few tips on how she was able to build the number of readers, fans, likes and pinners to quite impressive levels. Two tips that stood out to us were:

  • she was an early adapter of the social media platforms as they were launched
  • she does everything mobile so she can fit in work when she is away from her home computer

To read the entire blog post for more details on her success and what she recommends others to do to get more followers on social media (even if it is a personal brand), click here. If you need any help with social media, we can create eye-catching graphics as well as any other visual elements you may need in addition to handling the actual social media postings for you. You can see our own Facebook page by clicking here.


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