Okay, I know we covered the topic of reasons to blog for your business earlier in the yearBlog for your business-The Savvy Socialista

but we believe so much in the power of this communication tool that we thought it would be worth another blog post to give you even more reasons to consider doing one to get more followers of your brand this year! If you haven’t started a business blog yet, now is the time to put this task on your radar screen for 2013!

We found this article from the Content Marketing Institute and it had not 10 or even 20 reasons to start a blog but 37! Some of them I have mentioned before in an earlier blog post, but here are 10 new ones for inspiration.

Starting a business blog is…

  • Helpful if you are considering writing a book.
  • Essential to be taken seriously in social media—no blog means you haven’t really jumped into the social media pool with the “serious” marketers.
  •  An effective and less intrusive way to communicate to your customers vs. traditional advertising, which can sometimes annoy them.
  • A way to set you apart from your competitors. No company has your exact story. They may have a similar product or service but not your exact background and that you can share through your blog.
  • An avenue to communicate your own point of view of your industry, product or service.
  • A great tool to boost your credibility and set you up as a thought leader.
  • An avenue to secure speaking events.
  • A way to force you to keep updated of your industry and to really listen to what your customers are saying about you.
  • The best avenue for you to stay focused on your customers and create a two-way dialog with them.
  • One of the best ways to promote your business!

Blog for your business-The Savvy Socialista

For the remaining tips of this blog, click here for the article in its entirety. Here is another great article by Entrepreneur.com regarding business blogging. Also, if you missed our post about reason to blog for your business from early this year, click here to read.

While starting a blog can seem overwhelming, we at The Savvy Socialista, can work as your design partner or with any other social media tasks you need done. Click here to take a peek at our pricing schedule for helping you in this area. We want you to start reaping the many benefits of  including a business blog as part of your overall strategy to get more followers of your brand and turn them into customers!  Are you struggling with time or where to begin?  We have an entire staff that can actually blog for your business.  We can blog for you 1 time a month or 3 times a weeks, whatever you need.  Just give us a shout!

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