If you are a small business owner and think branding in social howtobuildyourbrandonsocialmedia1-thesavvysocialista

media stops at your company name and logo, you are coming up short. We believe it is equally important to build your personal branding along with your business because in the end, companies come and go but there is only one of you!

So this blog post is dedicated to inspiring you to think about your unique qualities and how you want to project them to others through social media as well as in face-to-face networking. Here are the various ways to build a personal brand that reinforces your company image as well:

  • Craft a tagline or catch phrase that people can associate with you and your company and use it throughout your marketing materials and when networking.
  • Don’t forget to write up an elevator speech and say it consistently when asked what you do and what company you are with.
  • Take a professional photo of yourself and use it  throughout your marketing vehicles.
  • Start a blog and advertise it on your business card and publicize it at all networking events. Be sure to include social media buttons on the bottom of each blog post so others can easily share it with their contacts.
  • Make sure your business card has some personality to it and not just your logo.
  • Be sure to include an email signature on your outgoing email and include your tagline.
  • Think about adjectives that describe you as a professional and how you and your company are unique from your competitors–include them in your elevator speech.
  • Use consistent photos, graphics and catch lines in your social media—build on “your look and feel” so when people are on your sites, they know it’s you and your company immediately.

Below are a few info graphics we found on Pinterest that drives home the concept of building your Personal brand through social media. Also, if you missed our blog a few weeks ago giving examples of how the big brands build on their look and feel in social media, you can read it here.  We also found two more informative articles on building a personal brand presence through social media on wikihow.com and techfetch.com.

Personal Branding Through Social Media- The Savvy Socialista

We, at The Savvy Socialista, are branding experts and would love to partner with you to create memorable and eye-catching graphics and marketing pieces that can get your  message across. Click here to see some of our recent client work—let us add you to our list of happy clients!

Personal Branding Through Social Media- The Savvy Socialista

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