The social media revolution for business is here to stay so you need to know all there is to know about social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing- The Savvy Socialista

This is especially evident when there is a major conference held for just digital social media marketing specialists talking about using social media for marketing. I’m talking about the Social Media Marketing World 2013 Conference that was held recently in San Diego, CA with more than 1000 attendees.

While we would have loved to have attended, we were at least able to read about the highlights from our friends at the Social Media, who have been sharing with their readers various topics discussed at this prominent event. Listed below are three highlights they posted in a recent blog talking about social media marketing trends for 2013:

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Converge—while social media hit it big in 2011 and content marketing made a huge mark in 2012, the Social Media Examiner reports that a hot trend in 2013 is the combination of both social media and content marketing to get business branding messages across. They say “content is social” now so smart business owners will combine the two for the biggest marketing bang from their buck.

Go Deeper—while it is a good thing to get many “likes” on a posting, tweet or pin, the future is to have more engagement with your audience so you can go deeper and find out what they like and what motivates them to buy your product or service.

Podcasting is big—this marketing technique, which uses sound bites to convey content, is viewed as the bell of the ball in social media right now. This is because consumers like the idea of getting information by listening or watching it online and one in seven consumers access podcasts from their mobile phones. In fact, podcasts have become so popular, Social Media reports that in a recent survey of more than 300 marketers, they anticipated an 800 percent increase in podcasting in 2013 alone. To see some of the podcasts we have on our website, click here.

To read the remaining two trends, click here for the entire article. We also found two other informative articles regarding social media trends for 2013 and you can read them by clicking here and for the other one, here.

When you and your business are ready to join the social media revolution or just need to tweek what you already have started, be sure to contact us at The Savvy Socialista. In addition to graphics and visual branding elements we can create for you, we can also help with your content marketing needs such as blogging and Facebook posts.  We’d love you to join our list of happy clients to see what they are saying about our service.

Social Media Marketing- The Savvy Socialista

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