So many social media posts, so little time! Now that many of you have accepted social media as part of your business marketing mix to get more followers who hopefully will turn into buyers of your product or service, where does one find the time to add these new tasks to an already full plate?

Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time The Savvy Socialista

Well, we thought we’d share with our readers some tips on how you can be more efficient in running your social media marketing plans. Here are some tips:

  • Create a social media policy for your company. By doing this, everyone who does a post on any social media platform doesn’t have to take time wondering if the post is appropriate or not—it will already be decided in advance. This should be communicated up front.
  • Decide in advance about content. It is best if you, or a staff member, is thinking in advance of content for your tweets, pins and posts. Try creating a social media publishing schedule for each social media platform. For example, check out this one below created by in Excel.


Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time

  • Share your schedule. A great way to have everyone on board on the company’s social media publishing schedule is to use a collaborative tool like Google Doc. This is helpful for the entire company to see what is planned for the week ahead so if an employee wants to add content, they can see at a glance where there are openings. Just be sure there is one person who is managing the document and there are clear deadlines on when content must be received in advance of publishing.
  • Plan for your visual content. With more social media going the visual route thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, it will save time to think in advance of the type of visuals your company will be sharing across the different social media platforms. Will you be assigning phototaking tasks to certain people or handle that yourself? ? Will you hire out the task of creating images and graphics to a company like ours, that can help you design effective info graphics you can use across one or more platforms? Not only can we design visuals for your social media but we can manage the whole process if you’d like. Click on pricing to see the different social media packages we offer.

For additional tips on how to save time on social media and get more followers who can turn into buyers, click here for a great article. Also if you are working on your social media plan but realize that you don’t even have a Facebook page set up, read this article we wrote recently on how to set up your business Facebook page.  Remember, social media is supposed to be fun!  By spending a little time upfront setting up guidelines and schedules, you will able to enjoy the connections and interaction you acquire.

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