Regardless of the social media platforms you use as a small business, it’s important to know that visuals are where it’s at these days!  But to get the most out of your tweet, post or pin, you need to make sure that your visual or visuals pack a punch and give you the most from the time you invest reinforcing your branding on social media. Check out this visual explanation by on on how social media has become more visually oriented:

Ways to add great visuals to your social media-The Savvy Socialista

To help you with adding effective visuals to your social media, we found a recent article from the Social Media Examiner that gave some great information regarding visuals– our favorite top 8 tips:

  • Make a collage—if you are lucky and have many good photos to choose from, how about creating a collage? Social Media Examiner suggested as an option to help you create your own.
  • Ask for photos—sponsoring a contest that encourages your followers to submit photos that you can post is an excellent way to include more visuals. For example, if you are a local bakery, how about asking your followers to make their favorite dessert and take a photo of it and award a gift to the top photo chosen?
  • Infographics—these are really hot right now and it is simply taking information that seems complex and breaking it down into smaller, easy-to-understand chunk-size pieces. We are experts at creating infographics for our clients.
  • Charts—if your business has some straightforward information that can be put into a simple chart, the data alone can be compelling enough add a good visual component to your social media post.
  • Quotes as art—quotes are really popular now and if they hit a nerve, can spread like wildfire (check out the sample below). Consider taking a quote related to your service, product or industry and turn it into a visually attractive graphic and see what happens. We can help you with that and more just as we have done for our long list of happy clients.

Social Media Graphics-The Savvy Socialista

  • Milestones–if something important has happened in your business, for example an opening of a new location, a certain customer number reached or you’ve filled an important position in your company—be sure to share it with your followers with a photo of the moment or a fun graphic.  When we reach milestones on Facebook we always share a graphic to thank our social media fans.

Social Media Graphics-The Savvy Socialista

  • Stock photos—there are a number of stock photo companies on the web for you to use to help supplement your own images. Many just need you to mention their name and you get free use of the image while others charge a nominal fee.
  • How-to images—Consider taking photos of how to do something and posting it on one or more of your social media platforms.

For additional tips on how to add more visuals to boost your branding efforts on social media, click here for the entire article. For a few more reasons on why visuals are king in social media, this is another great article we found on the subject matter.

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