If you are in need of virtual store, read on for reasons why a Magento eCommerce Website offers shopping power.

Regardless of what you are selling, if you anticipate a decent volume of sales and over 100 items, a Magento eCommerce Website is for you.  You will have maximum functionality of your website and it is simple for customers to make a purchase.

We, at The Savvy Socialista, Magento eCommerce Websiteare big fans of Magento eCommerce.  We offer it as an option when designing websites for our clients. We have been beyond pleased with the results! Haven’t heard of a Magento eCommerce Website yet?  Then check out below a recent review by boagworld.com.

Powerful—Magento has great functionality and is a serious platform for the virtual shopping. This works well for a business needing some basic functions to run their online store properly. This platform provides business owners the reporting information they need and can handle vouchers. In fact, it can handle any discount needs they have no matter how complex. Including a Magento eCommerce Website into your business can also be woven into other systems such as accounting and stock control.

Flexible-this Magento eCommerce Website platform is very welcome to customization and can be done through the administrative interface. It is relatively  easy to use with only a few quirks to it.  The web developers at The Savvy Socialista are experts with the customizations within Magento.

Community of users—because of Magento’s popularity, there are number of plug-ins available to add. If you have questions, there is also a large community of Magento users online who can provide support.

The Savvy Socialista can help you with Magento

For an example of how we helped a client launch a Magento eCommerce Website, check out an earlier blog post. To read more information about this software, click here.

The Savvy Socialista team has designed and customized many Magento eCommerce Websites, for example, Layna Lark, Invite Cottage and CiCi & Ryann, all of which are thrilled with the outcome.

Give us a call when you are ready to work towards a Magento eCommerce Website–we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy clients!Magento eCommerce Website

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