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If you have a business and your target audience is decidedly female and girly, then you need a logo and website that reflects that look and feel. Read on to see why The Savvy Socialista is your best bet for boutique web design.

Boutique web design focuses on design that gets the attention of buyers who identify with all things fashionable, feminine, stylish and pretty. It is a logo design that has flair and personality or a website that is whimsical yet practical at the same time.

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You can see from the images we’ve included in this blog post that while we can do other types of looks too, we truly love and do well at boutique web design. So the first step is thinking about what you would like to see in the overall design and we thought we would help that process along and give you some tips we found on the website self-growth.com. Here are three of their suggestions:

Use the initials of your name or signature and create it in scripted fonts. You can choose thin or thick fonts but make sure they are chic and stylish. You can change up the angles for a different look or use upper and lower case letters in a unique way.

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Use illustrations that coincide with your business. Some ideas include an avatar of you doing something related to your business or a symbol like the Girl Cave did in Huntington Beach, CA. Part of her branding and logo includes a beautiful graphic of a chandelier. It is the exact replica of the chandelier in her main meeting room area and in the women’s bathroom and it gives off a girly yet elegant vibe.

Use bright colors that appeal to women. Colors that work well if you are targeting women include red, purple, bright pink, blue and orange.

Another helpful article regarding this topic can be found here. We at The Savvy Socialista are standing by to help give you that special flair you are looking for if boutique web design is on your priority list. For a little more information about our agency, check out some of our FAQ’s here or to see more from our portfolio, click here.

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