socialmediatrends-thesavvysocialistaBusinesses need social media buttons on their websites to boost their social media presence on the internet. Read on to find out why they are needed more than ever.

If you are a small business owner who just recently got your website up and running, good for you! But if you haven’t added social media buttons to it yet, something is definitely missing. Here are some of the reasons why you need them on your home page as shared on a recent blog post by

The Savvy Socialista Social Media


3a_Hex_FBHaving buttons makes it easy–easy for people to get to your social media sites that is. Yes, you can include it in your copy in the About section or somewhere on your Home page but how easy can it be for readers to just click a button. With one simple click, they can take a peek at what is new on your Facebook page, what is newly pinned on Pinterest or see some new photos posted on Instagram.


Makes sharing easy. When you have buttons on your website, visitors can easily share your content with their contacts on their own social networks. It builds consumer trust among those who see it recommended by a friend or family member and they in turn can recommend it to their social network. All this content sharing extends your brand reach and it all starts with one click of a social media button.

Adds dimension. Having eye-catching social media buttons on your website adds another graphic element to your site and that can boost its overall appeal to visitors.

That is where The Savvy Socialista comes in. We are experts at designing social media buttons that can work with your current branding look. Whether we are designing only the social media buttons, designing a brand new website or refreshing a current one, we ensure they fit into the website’s overall look and feel.  Take a look at some of our work by clicking here or read about us in our media room here. If you would like to read the entire blog post on this topic, click here.

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