Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. The art and science of crafting compelling copy involves strategically delivering words to get people to take action. You don’t want to spend money on a beautiful website, only for it to read like a third-rate student essay, replete with bad grammar and awful spelling. It’s a waste and, at its worst, an insult to the intelligence of any prospective client.

Customers care about what your website says just as much as how it looks. It’s a proven fact, strong copywriting, written to draw people in and keep them hooked, is massively more effective than something bland or badly written.craft compelling copy

Here are a few pointers to help improve your message, write compelling copy and turn your core message into sales.

Compelling Copy The Savvy Socialista

1. Make your text lively and persuasive.
A common misconception about good copy is that it must adopt a formal tone. While it may be necessary, depending on the product or service, many clients will find this boring. Many businesses have adapted to a more conversational tone. Make sure you understand the company’s mission and what they are hoping to accomplish with the copywriting. Something creative and quirky may drive them to their target audience.

2. Accuracy is key.
We rarely pay attention to good grammar, spelling and punctuation. In some modern contexts (social media or texting, for example) it may even seem unnecessary. Bad grammar, spelling and punctuation, on the other hand, stand out a mile. It looks sloppy and unprofessional.

3. Avoid jargon and marketing cliches.
Unless you’re aiming your material at people solely within the same technical field, cut the jargon. Most people can spot a marketing cliche a mile away. Treat them with respect and avoid possible misunderstandings.compelling copy

This is just the beginning when crafting compelling copy, so if you feel you are struggling, let us help you with our professional copy editing experience!

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