Instagram now has 150 million monthly active users. Its quick growth reflects of an increasing use of smartphone over regular feature phones. As the Instagram community continues to grow, it’s becoming more global too – now more than 60% of the users are outside the United States.

How are you going to attract those consumers? We’ve developed some creative ways to use Instagram for business.

creative ways to use instagram

#1 – Show Your Products
Let your followers do some mobile window shopping of your fabulous products! Show off a collection, share photos of lesser known or new products. You could also zoom in on a product and engage your followers by asking them to guess what it is.

Instagram for Business The Savvy Socialista



Personalized From Me To You does a very good job of utilizing Instagram for business by showcasing their items in a unique way.















Service-oriented companies can also find creative ways to use Instagram for business!

You can show off equipment and supplies that play a role in the services you provide. For example, personal trainers could show off their favorite workout equipment. Photographers could reveal their most prized camera lens. Mechanics might give us a look at their most sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

#2 – Show How It’s Made 

Let followers in on the origins of their favorite products with shots taken at various points in the manufacturing process.

If that process is a long one, you might consider making it a multi-part post that follows the process from planning to production to delivery.

#3 Go Behind The Scenes

Getting ready to launch or promote products and services is hard work, but presents many opportunities to get some great content for Instagram. Doing a photo shoot for a catalog or ad? Filming a commercial?

These are moments that very few people get to experience in real life. Think of Instagram as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass!

#4 Don’t Forget To Use Video

Sometimes pictures just don’t do an event or activity justice. Fortunately, you can now take 15 second videos on Instagram!

Giving people a glimpse into a part of your business they could otherwise not see with video is a great way to build brand loyalty and interest in your product or service!

What are some creative ways to use Instagram for your business?

creative ways to use instagram
Saks Fifth Avenue videos Naomi Campbell walking down the runway during New York Fashion Week.

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