It’s easy to plan a perfect social media strategy on paper, but executing your social media strategy can be a different story. It can feel like an overwhelming process if you don’t have the processes in order. Luckily, plenty of tools exist to help you along the way.

Before you launch your strategy, check out these four tips to get you started.3c_Hex_Pinterest3a_Hex_FB

1. Use social media management tools
Several quality platforms exist to help make your job easier. Many of them are free.  3b_Hex_Twitter

HootSuite is a popular tool used by more than 7 million customers, according to their website. You can schedule posts and monitor several accounts from one dashboard. Other services like TweetDeck and SproutSocial can be helpful too.

Just be cautious and make sure you are still monitoring your posts and not relying too heavily on these dashboards. It’s important to stay connected and on top of what’s happening on your social media platforms.

2. Keep track of who’s posting
If you have multiple people posting for your social media platforms on your team, it can lead to double posting. One solution is have a different person assigned to each platform. You could also divide the work into shifts. You might need to experiment to see which works best for your company.

Just make sure you keep conversations with your customers a top priority so nothing falls through the cracks. It’s also important when executing your social media strategy to make sure you are sharing a cohesive message.

3. Measure your success
Know what is important to your success! (Hint: it’s not the number of likes or followers!) Find out what people are talking about, what types of questions you’re being asked and how you are communicating with people who have questions or concerns.

Executing Your Social Media Strategy The Savvy Socialista



4. Report your results
  Be specific. Know what numbers you are going to share and make sure you are consistent every time you report. It’s useful to share what’s happening with your customers with the marketing and public relations teams to help bolster your branding as you work on executing your social media strategy.

Don’t feel defeated if these steps seem like a big undertaking! You can do it! See how this Mommy Blogger turned her social media strategy into a huge success!

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