Nordstrom is one of the biggest department store chains in the United States. (And not to mention a Savvy Socialista Fav!) This Fortune 500 company is best known for their customer service. They listen to their customers and provide solutions to their problems. It’s that level of customer service that sets them apart. Part of that service is their level of customer engagement.

Nordstrom doesn’t just offer more service – they offer a better quality connection with their customers. They take their exceptional level of communication to deliver a better shopping experience.

Customer Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Here is how Nordstrom excels in customer engagement and you can too.

Finding Your Customers

Mastering your offline relationships with your customers is critically important in developing your online relationships. Despite what Facebook may have us believe, building brand loyalty and trust requires more than a click of the “like” button. It takes constant and consistent nurturing.

Shopping in a store like Nordstrom is a luxurious experience. You’ll find helpful sales people who listen to your needs. Customers never have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Returns are free and easy.

Nordstrom takes their same approach with their online presence. They defined the best social media channels to personify their brand and reach their customers. Their customer engagement is evident on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Just check out their Facebook following—over 2.2 million!

Customer Engagement The Savvy Socialista

While the retail giant has resources to support staying active on multiple social media channels, it may not be right for your business. Figure out what is possible for your business model and what you can realistically manage based on your staffing and budget.  Begin by creating a social media strategy and then execute.

Bonding With Your Customers

Once you’ve discovered the best channels for customer engagement, you must maintain the conversation! If your customers tweet you, tweet back! If they respond to your Instagram picture, respond to comments and tag users as necessary.

Customer Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Social media is not one-way communication. It’s part of a conversation between the company and your customers.

It’s that conversation that helps build brand loyalty. When customers know they can reach out to you and you’ll hear their voice, they know you’re investing in them as much as they are investing in you!

It can be overwhelming trying to run a business, maintain an online presence and build brand trust. Break it down. Make it manageable to execute. People don’t expect an instant response, but they do expect a timely one.

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