Facebook can be a difficult beast to tame. Constant changes in how they rank your posts and filter what the social media giant believes is important for your customers to see can make you feel like your efforts are in vain. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to increase your Facebook engagement.

1. Grab Their Attention With Photos
We’ve all heard the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With Facebook, a picture could be worth a thousand likes! Photos and graphics capture people’s attention more effectively than text alone. Think about the way you surf Facebook. Aren’t you more inclined to look at someone’s picture than read a lengthy update?

When it comes to brands, a familiar image is also key. Familiarity in an image is as simple as including your company logo or a face that’s tied to your brand. Including a shortened link for readers to click on, is also useful when it comes to engagement.

Target utilizes this to their advantage with their iconic logo bullseye and dog mascot.

Facebook Engagement The Savvy Socialista

2. Fill In The Blank
Fill-in-the-blank posts are great at sparking Facebook engagement. The blanks invite people to share their creativity. These types of posts often garner fun and short comments, which then encourage your audience to react and interact.

Facebook Engagement The Savvy Socialista


Take this fill-in the blank from Nordstrom–it received 1,867 comments!

3. Photo Captions
Inviting users to caption photos is a wonderful way to incorporate the two items above. All you have to do is post a photo and ask fans to come up with a caption.

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres uses this tactic frequently on her show’s Facebook page.

Facebook Engagement The Savvy Socialista
This “caption this” image received over 20K comments, 46K likes and almost 1500 shares!

4. Asking Questions
Asking questions is probably one of the easiest methods to get fans to comment and share their thoughts. Questions requiring the audience to choose are often most effective because a response doesn’t require much time or effort.

See how online retailer Ideeli used this to their advantage.

Facebook Engagement The Savvy Socialista

What is your favorite method of Facebook engagement? If you’re struggling to put together a social media strategy, check out this link for tips or you can always reach out to The Savvy Socialista, we are here to assist!

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