One of the most important and critical pieces of your online presence is your website. It needs to be visually appealing and informative. Too often businesses focus on one of those characteristics and not the other. Here are a few elements of a highly effective website.

1. It Conveys A Message
Your website must convey a meaning or message about what your product/service or information is all about. This is done effectively through images, animations and most importantly written text. You cannot assume your visitor will understand your business on their own.

Highly Effective Website-The Savvy Socialista

A highly effective website should also help set the tone of your business. Are you serious? Are you silly? Energetic? Reserved? All of those messages are communicated through the elements on your website.

2. Organized and Presented Well
How well the information on your website is being presented can be a big factor on retaining your visitors. Pretend you are the visitor. Once you are done with one page, do you want to move on to the next? Does the website make you want to know more or are you just done after looking at the front page. Make sure the website sends a clear message on each page and invites the user to read on. 

3. User Friendly Navigationhighly effective website
Building off number two, a website requiring a user to click in too many places to get where they want to go is frustrating and frequently forces the person off your website never to return.


Is it easy to find product information? Is it difficult to find a FAQ or online technical support? These are areas that need quick access.

4. Extra Little Fun Stuff 

Now that you have conveyed the message and the meaning, having an area where customers can come and have a little fun never hurts. This not only adds dimension to your website but also keeps people staying longer.

Maintaining a highly effective website is a never ending process. There are always ways to improve your website as long as time and budget allows. Find out more information about our website design and development services and please, reach out to us, should you have any questions!  We always provide our clients with highly effective websites.

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