A fantastic way to capitalize on your Facebook Page posts is to use photos. People are visual and are more apt to pay attention to your updates if it catches their eye.  I got a lot of engagement out of this one!

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista


But, what if you’re posting photos on Facebook and still not capturing the engagement you desire?

The problem is likely rooted in a lack of strategy. Posting photos randomly will likely not get as much as attention.

Even more troubling, the latest Facebook policy changes, photo updates are now getting less organic reach than ever before. Nevertheless, the popularity of photos on Facebook remains unshakeable: the majority of content posted on Facebook is pictures.

Here are a few ways to get more engagement out of your picture posts.

1. Appeal to personal experience.
Facebook fans are ordinary people with similar tastes and habits. So photos appealing to fans’ personal experience have a good potential to reach large audience on Facebook. Fans more willingly respond to familiar things and situations, when they feel you are speaking directly to them.

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista


2. Use humor.
Most likely, the products or services your company offers have little to do with humor. However, is there a way for you to use funny pictures around your product features?

photos on facebook


3. Post coupons or giveaways.
Though Facebook has a paid app called “Offers”, most businesses continue to post discount coupons and giveaways in the form of photo updates. Quite simply, photos are widely seen in the news feed and you don’t have to pay money to reach your customers globally or locally.

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista

4. Give people an inside look at your company.

People are curious by nature. That’s why to learn more about a person, we’d rather look through their photos than their bio. That said, try to put faces to your business!  I put the photo below on Facebook of myself getting a “freeze” at my new client’s med spa, Sedo Cryo.

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista

5. Push fans to comment!
Comments are an important component of photo virality, so put thought into what you post. People comment when they have something to say in response. So why not publish content that will urge your fans to comment?

A simple question posted as a status update may easily be ignored in the news feed, while a question presented as a photo update will attract more attention and push fans to answer it.

Try to ask your fans something general about your product or their everyday life, so that everyone could answer your question.

 photos on facebook


All of this confusing for you?  Are you thinking, ‘great, just one more thing to add to my already full plate?  Not to worry!  We are here to help.  We have an entire staff of people who can help you create a strong social media presence and completely take care of all of your Facebook postings.  Just reach out to us!

Do you post photos on Facebook?  Have any tips you’d like to share?  We would love to hear from you!

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