By now you’ve probably heard Facebook is the top social media network. Many businesses are using Facebook Business Pages as part of their online marketing techniques.

A Facebook Business Page is simple way to share information about your business. It also you to communicate with present and prospective customers. If you are finally ready to to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t know where to start, we can help you set up your page!

facebook page- The Savvy Socialista

1. Log Into Facebook
If you do not have a personal Facebook profile page yet, we also need to set that up too! Even if you don’t want to use your personal profile, it’s helpful to utilize it for features that aren’t as easy as running a “business only” Facebook page.

Facebook Business Page The Savvy Socialista

2. Create  A Business Page
Once you have logged into your personal account, you need to create your Facebook business page. Your Facebook business page will be tied to your personal profile, but they are completely separate. No one can see your personal information from your page. No one can even see the name of the administrator of the page if you donʼt set it up.

To create a page while logged in to your profile, click here.

Take a look a the main categories of the page. You are going to want to select the option that best fits your company.

Facebook Business Page The Savvy Socialista

Choose your category from the drop-down menu and name your page.

3. Explain Your Business
Add a description about your business. Use rich keywords in the description to improve the ranking of your Facebook business page when people are searching online. Make sure to add your website to this area as well!

4. Create A Vanity URL
The next box is for your unique Facebook web address. This is so you can tell people very easily how to find you on Facebook.

For instance when we were setting up a Facebook Page for The Savvy Socialista, we made the URL You can be creative here, just keep in mind, it needs to be easy enough for people to remember.

Facebook Business Page The Savvy Socialista

5. Add Profile Picture
When selecting your company profile picture, you have a couple of options. You can use your company logo or a professional headshot. Make sure it reflects your business and is appropriately sized so it shows up correctly.

Facebook Business Page The Savvy Socialista

6. Add A Timeline Cover Photo
Keep in mind when you are adding a timeline cover image that first impressions mean everything, so you will want your timeline cover image to look professional and show off exactly what your business is.

Facebook Business Page The Savvy Socialista

7. Completely Fill Out All Information
You’ll need to go back and click “edit” on the page to ensure all fields are filled out about your business. Make sure you don’t omit items like business hours, your mission and lengthier description of your business.

8. Invite People To Like Your Page
Now it’s time to let people know you have a Facebook Business Page! We recommend not using the invite from e-mail contacts feature on Facebook, but simply send a personal e-mail from your account with the information!

If you have any trouble setting up your page, we’d be happy to help!

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