In order to differentiate your online store, you need an edge. Your competition is just a click away, so your eCommerce website needs a unique reason to get people to shop with you and nowhere else.

Social media channels are a great way to drive traffic to your website and convert new customers. But what about people who come directly to your website? How can you engage them and show off your unique selling point?

Here are three quick tips to make your ecommerce website more social.

eCommerce Website- The Savvy Socialista

1. Create Product Boards
You know Pinterest is popular, but new studies are showing that it’s actually driving a large number of purchases – as well as increased spending.  We shared with you previously how you can maximize your Pinterest page.

According to social login provider Gigya’s latest numbers, Pinterest drives online sales by grabbing 41% of eCommerce traffic. Compare that to Facebook at 37%.

Here’s how you can capitalize on this great concept right on your website:

    1. Embed your boards on a page on your website using an app like Wishpond’s Pinterest Tab.

    2. On each product and product category page, have a call-to-action that links to the board on your site. Include a bit of text that reads “Check out how you can [way to use this product]”.

A furniture store can have pieces linked to boards that display showrooms. Clothing retailers can have pieces link to boards that show entire outfits. For outdoor equipment you can show boards of items that are best for certain activities, environments and conditions.

2. Personality Blogs
Whole Foods has created a brand that is tied to its consumers’ lifestyle and personal choices. Whole Foods does not have just one blog on its website, but three.  Each blog site is personalized and written to connect both the reader, and the products that Whole Foods offers.

Their main blog is called the Whole Story Blog. On it, you will find lots of seasonal foods with tips and recipes on how to use them.  Being Whole Foods, the blog also has sprinklings of causes and tips to be healthy.

eCommerce Website- The Savvy Socialista

3. Customer Service Live Chat
During an online purchase, a customer’s doubts or questions could potentially influence them to change their mind about buying a product. Providing live online chat for them to use in the middle of an online purchase provides customers with the assurance needed to make their decision.

Just make sure you have great customer service reps handling the live chats. The worst thing you can have are customer reps that don’t understand your customers, or worse, customers who don’t think your customer reps understand them.

What have you done to make your eCommerce website more social?  We’d love to hear from you!

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