Social media is a savvy shopper’s best friend – especially on Black FridaySocial media saves shoppers time and money. If you use social media to your advantage, you can put yourself squarely in front of a whole new pool of customers!

Everyone is looking for a deal on Black Friday. Big businesses are putting major power behind their campaigns. Even if you can’t cut your prices like the corporate chains, you can still do several things to make your business appealing to your customers.

social media

Here are a few social media tips to keep your business in the forefront of your customer’s mind!

1. Get Pinterest-ing!social media
Create a Pinterest board for deals or “daily deals” for the holiday season. Create an entire board of your top products during the holidays can help boost views and online sales.

Do your best to utilize your website with Pinterest, such as creating rich pins and Pin It buttons on your product pages. One of the best things about Pinterest is that it helps brands see what users are really interested in, especially during Christmas.

2. Instagram It!
Instagram is a visual platform, which is perfect for Christmastime! And now with 15-second videos, the creative possibilities are infinite. A few ideas include: using a secret hashtag to randomly choose users for certain gifts, but the hashtag can only be found within a post on your “insert another platform here” (cross-promoting is important), 7 day photo contest or a countdown revealing Black Friday deals.  To understand Instagram a bit better read an article we did awhile back on Instagram.

3. Use Hashtags!
People are going to be surfing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the most fabulous finds. Make sure you aren’t missed! For any deal, special, promotion or discount make sure to use the hashtag #BlackFriday.

The savviest shoppers geo-locate their searches so they won’t miss a single deal. This is an excellent way to help drive new customer sales!

4. Foursquare
For those geo-locating customers, give them some check-in deals! Offer short-term deals that give away limited edition items, coupons for next visit or a special that will randomly select a user that has checked in to win a prize during a certain period of time.

”Shop local” is a major trend over the past few years as well. For large brands, or even small businesses too, consider partnering with a local coffee shop. With every check-in on Black Friday, customers could receive a free coffee or hot chocolate for that shop.

How are you planning to utilize social media on Black Friday?


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