Social media marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways to connect with your customers and get the word out about your brand. Many businesses hope it will provide a quick fix for their marketing efforts. The truth is – it takes time and persistence.

Your business needs to add value and share content that engages and inspires and maybe even entertains your customers.

Despite how many small businesses are tapping into these great social media marketing  tools, many are making these common mistakes.

social media marketing The Savvy Socialista

1. Deleting Unwanted Comments
Some businesses have shied away from social media for fear of the dreaded “negative” comment. Stop thinking of these comments as unwanted and view them as opportunities for growth.

If your business only received positive insights, it would never have a chance to really deepen your relationship with your customers. Always respond respectfully and, depending on the type of complaint, try to take the conversation offline.

What often happens is, after the person’s complaint/concern is not only heard, but validated, they will leave a follow up response thanking you for your customer service.

This interaction is also very helpful for new customers to see how you handled the situation.

2. Auto-post The Same Message On All Social Networks
One of the main reasons people gravitate to social media is to have a conversation. If they notice you have the exact same message on all of your social media channels, it will make you seem robotic.

If you’re using this tactic because you’re struggling to manage multiple social media sites, perhaps you should pare down. Spend time focusing on a few channels you can easily manage and stay active.  Or you can always hire someone like The Savvy Socialista to assist you in your social media world.

social media marketing The Savvy Socialista

3. Beg For Forgiveness Rather Than Ask Permission
Businesses want to broadcast emails with commercial messages to contacts without first getting their consent, such as, via an opt-in on their blog. Some would happily buy or exchange email lists so they can reach more people in a shorter time.

Your  reputation is at stake and relationships can be easily damaged with unsolicited emails.

Forcing messages onto others, even if you provide them with the unsubscribe link, does not show respect and will not give you the happy loyal clients you are seeking through your social media marketing efforts.

What mistakes have you made with your social media marketing? What have you learned from those mistakes?

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