Too often people think social media marketing will change their business overnight. They are waiting for the magic trick that will launch their brand. They think they aren’t succeeding with social media. They also think social media isn’t measurable.

All of the above statements are inaccurate.

Social media is another extension of your communications and marketing strategy. You would measure your success of an ad campaign or PR push, the same can be said for your social media strategy.

Succeeding with Social Media The Savvy Socialista

In order to know how best to connect with your customers through social media, you need to know how your content is being viewed and received.

Here are three ways to know whether you are succeeding with social media:

1. Community Growth: how many like your page or follow you?  This metric shows how your page is growing.  Are you seeing more “likes” consistently?  Are you gaining followers on a weekly basis?  You should be.  This is organic growth.

2. Engagement: number of likes, comments and shares. Content is what drives your social media success. When you track how your content is being received by the audience, you can be smarter about what to post in the future.

3. Popular Posts: The posts that got the highest engagement. This is a useful metric for content curation. Facebook will even highlight your most popular posts in yellow in your admin panel! Keeping track of your most popular posts allows you to give your audience more of what they like.

Succeeding with Social Media The Savvy Socialista

Social media is like any other marketing medium. To pave the way, you need specific objectives that point to your ultimate goal. Develop a roadmap for your social media marketing and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you truly are succeeding with social media!  And don’t forget—we are here to help!  Just give us a ring!

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