Are you running out of ideas for creating rich, valuable content for your blog? If so, you’re not alone. For any blogger, the biggest challenge is to continually come up with fresh, engaging content that will keep bringing readers right back to your website.

The main idea behind your blog should not be to ‘sell’ but rather to educate readers and help solve their problems. Do that and readers will keep coming back to learn more and find solutions to those day to day challenges that business and life in general,

People visit sites where they get value, it is the amount of value you offer to the readers that will keep them coming back.

Here are a few tips to help give you content for your blog when you think you’re running out of ideas!

1. Be alert to situations and conversations

As a blogger, you will no doubt take part in conversations with other bloggers, friends, colleagues and other players in your industry. These conversations can be great idea generators for inspiring content to keep your blog fresh and informative.

For example, a friend could remark that his use of social media platforms resulted in an improvement in his search rankings. You can easily turn this into an article informing readers on the tips, benefits or the process of using social media for their SEO.

2. Social Networks

SlideshareLinkedIn, TwitterFacebookGoogle+ , have a wealth of content floating about that you can use to generate very timely and topical subject ideas to turn into great blog posts.

You can use Twitter search for trending topics. If a new product or service is being launched, write a post related to the topic (such as marketing lessons to be learned) and use a #hashtag to draw attention to your post when you tweet about it!

3. News

Be on the lookout for the latest developments in you industry and develop them into blog posts, giving them your own unique spin. This is especially true if you are interested in fashion, politics and sports.

These are just but some of the ways you can use to develop inspiring content for your blog. Not all of them will work at any given moment in time, but you can use your own due diligence and test each to determine its effectiveness when applied to your blog.

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