January 29th, 2014

Once you have built your Facebook page and started posting, you need to know how to optimize your page. That’s where Facebook Insights come in. Facebook Insights are available on the admin panel of your Facebook page.

Facebook Insights The Savvy Socialista

You may have looked at this information in the past and felt overwhelmed. Facebook does provide a lot of information and it can be daunting.

Facebook Insights monitor activity on your Facebook Page. They tell you what your fans are doing on your Timeline or with our messages in their News Feed. You can see their online activity, such as page views, likes, comments, and wall posts, along with some basic demographic information.

Facebook Insights The Savvy Socialista


The biggest take away with Facebook Insights isn’t so much about the numbers, but what you do with them.

Here are a few key areas to be mindful of when you’re looking at your Facebook Insights:

User Demographics

You can view basic demographic data about our audience in the Users Insights. This will tell you the aggregate age and sex of your readership.

While you should definitely be aware of this data, tread carefully. It would be unwise to use this information to make major marketing decisions. One area where this data can come in really handy is in choosing demographics for Facebook Ad campaigns.

External References

This data will tell you which websites people are using to get to your page. Ideally, the top result should be our own company website.

More times than not, Google will also be on the list. Pay attention to the sites your fans are using to find you, and see if you can improve how people get to your page.

 Viewed Tabs

The main question you want to know is – what are people doing on your Facebook page? Make note of what fans are spending the most time on, and adjust the app icons on your Timeline to accommodate their preferences.

Successful Messages

This is one of the most powerful areas of Facebook Insights, because you are able to specifically and clearly see the success and failure of different kinds of content.

Pay attention to the types of messages that performed the best. What can you learn from them and what can you use from them to better serve our audience?

Facebook Insights are a great tool, but don’t obsess over them! They serve as a good guide to making sure you are staying on target with your digital marketing goals.


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