Assuming you already have a Twitter account dedicated to your business, you should also be investing in hashtags as part of your social media strategy.

hashtag is simply a word or phrase with the number sign (#) in front of it. For example, #apple, #thesavvysocialista, #marketing. Primarily, the main purpose of using a hashtag is to make sure a conversation around a specific topic can easily be tracked.

Twitter users can easily use this marketing tool to track the conversations about their business and get a good understanding of their popularity online. You can use this to increase awareness of your small business online.

Keep your hashtag short and simple. You only have 140 characters so you want to maximize the conversation.hashtags

Using a hashtag improves the chance that other Twitter users will find your tweet in targeted Twitter searches. Hashtags also streamline your own processes.

For instance, you may ask users to include a unique hashtag in their own tweets as part of your newest Twitter marketing campaign. Throughout your campaign, the hashtag files tweets for easy search and organization within Twitter.

Here are a few other benefits to using a hashtag:

  • Creates awareness for your brand. By using this tool you can make it easy for people to re-use it and mention your brand or company in their own conversations and tweets online.
  • You can keep track of your reputation. A hashtag makes it easy for you to monitor what people are saying when they talk about you or your brand.
  • It makes your tweets easier to find. Hashtags allow you to easily find previous tweets and it also categorizes your tweets for your followers to find.
  • When you have a new product or service available you can easily create new hashtags so that your followers and customers will be able to easily and effortlessly identify them and be updated on new updates and developments within your business.

Facebook and Instagram also allow for the use of hashtags, but they are more widely searched on Twitter.

Share your own advice when it comes to hashtags!

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