Measuring your web metrics is a crucial part of content marketing. If you’re not measuring how your content performs, then you will never know if you are generating content that your audience wants to see.

Very few platforms make checking your  web metrics as easy as looking at your Facebook Insights, but in reality, there are just a few metrics that can help unlock the answer to “Is my audience into my website content?”

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Here are the metrics that matter most:

1. Bounce Rate
Monitoring how different ads or keywords generate different bounce rates can make a huge difference in your search engine optimization efforts. Traffic sent to your landing page, homepage, or to an internal page on your website should yield important differences in bounce rates. You will need to bid down on bounce rates that are one standard deviation above the average, and bid up on lower ones.

2. Average Page Views Per Visit
You can really measure how engaged your visitors are at this point by measuring how deep into your site they will go. By measuring engagement at this level, you’re seeing an indicator that you are beginning to influence, even if this does not immediately turn into a conversion.

When people find content that means something to them, they keep going deeper, and we know that the trend leans towards them sharing content they enjoy with their friends.

3. Average Time on Site
Are you reaching your customers? Are you speaking to them, and are they responding by spending time on your site? If, for example, you have a video on your site that is three minutes long, you’ll want to see that you’ve reached your audience for at least that long.

4. Rate of Return Visitors
This is one of the most important metrics in measuring customer engagement. A higher rate of return for a specific keyword, or set of keywords, is good reason to focus more closely on those visitors. Because we’re often so focused on the last click when buying media, we forget to focus on the ones who are returning to our site, and we don’t give them what they need to convert.

Are you optimizing your site by focusing on these web metrics? Which metic do you check the most often? Feeling overwhelmed? We’re here for you!  Contact The Savvy Socialista today!

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