February 3rd, 2014

Recently Twitter introduced custom timelines to help you organize your tweets within TweetDeck. So you can now come up with some creative groupings for your tweets!

First we’ll show you how the custom timeline works and then give you some tips on how to incorporate it into your social media marketing.

You can create a new custom timeline by adding a new column of type custom timeline. To add a new column you can use the add icon “+” in the sidebar or the keyboard shortcut “A”.


To add a Tweet to a custom timeline, simply drag the move icon and drop it on the custom timeline column that you would like to update.


Removing a Tweet is just as easy – simply click on the “X” icon on a Tweet in a custom timeline column and it will be removed.


Okay, now you know what to do, so here’s how you can make this new feature work for your brand:

Share the best tweets about a specific topic

You can create a custom timeline around a topic. This is awesome because your followers can see what’s happening in real time as you add more tweets. This is a great way to be discovered and find more targeted followers.

Make sure the tweets you choose to add are relevant, interesting and note-worthy because along with building your custom timeline you’ll be also building your reputation to existing and new followers.


Share with other platforms

Now, not only can share your selected tweets inside Twitter, but also in other channels as well. This means once you have sufficiently filled your custom timeline, you can choose to share it with friends, or embed it into a blog or news post on another platform, helping you reach a wider audience based on their interests.

Program your custom timelines

Twitter also announced the launch of an API that allows you to add your tweets programmatically. Users of the API can program timelines based on logic operators or add the custom timeline creation feature to your own website.

This new feature offers a great opportunity to reach a wider audience which can mean new targeted followers and influencers.

This new feature will also work as an incentive for brands to get more creative and interesting content on Twitter, since their tweets can appear on other’s custom timelines and be seen by an even bigger audience, especially if they appear on the timeline of key influencers.

Are you already using Twitter custom timelines? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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