If your social media strategy includes Pinterest, you want to make sure you are branding your business to achieve your marketing goals. Many successful businesses are using Pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales.

It’s important to be consistent when branding your business – both online and off. That means using the same logo or profile photo, focusing on the same topics, and maintaining the same professional quality.

Yes, you can be quirky and unique if it fits with your brand and, more importantly, your customers.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are branding your business properly on Pinterest.

branding your business

During Set-Up

1. Get a verified business account. Simply go to your profile and click on the pencil in the bottom-right corner of the name box. Enter your web address in the Website field, then click “verify website.” Follow the instructions.

Once your website’s been verified, you’ll see a checkmark next to it and will have access to your web analytics when you’re logged in,

2. Put your logo on all graphics and images. As pins get pinned and re-pinned, it is easy for the origin of the pin to be lost. With your logo on it, someone can search for you!

3. Make sure you use the same logo and board cover as you did on other social media outlets. It’s that consistency that will let people know they have landed on the correct page immediately.


Branding Basics
1. Create relevant boards to communicate your brand. One board can be your products and services. Another board could be contests and promotions (if relevant). Another board could be “trends we love” (this could vary based on the type of business you are running).  An alternative option and one we tend to lean towards is to pin your products throughout all of your boards, not just having one dedicated board to your products.  This keeps things interesting and doesn’t make it look like it’s “all about you”.

2. Create new content. In other words, don’t just repin what others have already pinned. Always be on the lookout for new pins that no one else has found. If you’re like me, you see a lot of the same pins come through.

3. Be active! Make sure to stay active on the site and pin your own stuff! However, don’t only get on the site to simply pin your own stuff.

Read more about using Pinterest for your business on one of our previous blog posts.

Are you overwhelmed with Pinterest?  We are available! We have many clients that we pin for on a monthly basis.  We can pin all items from your website and/or we can pin other relative content.  Just let us know how we can assist you!

How have you found success branding your business on Pinterest?

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