If your company is hosting an event—be it a networking gathering, open house, fundraiser, or class—and if you want to generate buzz you’ll need to create a social media event strategy.

A well-thought out, properly executed strategy can help you connect and engage your current fan base and bring in others! The social media event strategy can help you plan, promote and build excitement for the event you’re hosting!

social media event strategy

The most important point to remember about integrating social media in your event strategy is that it’s not about the technology, but instead about building relationships. Here are some key ways you can integrate social media into your event marketing mix:

Engage and Connect with Audiences

Contrary to popular belief with social media, buzz doesn’t happen on its own! You’ll need to engage and connect with attendees. Here are some ways to make this happen: tweet to the event hashtag asking a question or adding value, post your blog link to the events LinkedIn or Facebook wall and live tweet content from the event (this can include pictures).

The event hashtag needs to be something short, but memorable and indicative of the event. The film and music event, South By SouthWest, uses the hashtags #sxswmusic, #sxswfm in their tweets.

Generate Buzz

Social Media Event StrategyThis can include a variety of different tactics, including: publishing blog posts leading up to the big event with topics related to the event, infographics with images and statistics, and sending out tweets in relation to the event’s hashtag.

Socialize your Social Sites

If this is your own event, then make sure all your social sites are featured prominently on the event website, invitations, event emails and signage. If your audience is aware of your social channels, then they are more likely to engage with your brand on social media!

These are some ideas to help you kickstart your social media event strategy. Are there tips we missed? Share them in the comments below!

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