WordPress is a popular and versatile content management system, and when properly structured, is great for search engine optimization. If you are looking to gain more organic traffic, these WordPress SEO tips can help your search engine ranking.

wordpress SEO

1. Permalinks
The permalink structure is an element in that displays the page keywords. For example, your website permalink should look like this:


instead of:


To modify your permalinks, open up your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings, then click Permalinks. There you choose “Custom Structure” and add /%postname%/ in the field. This will give you a blog post architecture which is best in terms of SEO and ease of navigation.

2. URL Keywords
Now that you have your permalinks set up, you need to make sure your post name is relevant. WordPress allows you to edit the permalink right below the page title.

When choosing your page title, the shorter and more direct, the better. It is best for both the reader and for the search engines would be to keep it under 70 characters (you can figure that out using Yoast. More about Yoast in the next point).

The URL needs to be relevant and it has to point exactly to what you are going to cover in the article. It should also consist of the main keyword you will be using.

3. Use Yoast for your SEO-plugin

You have several options when choosing a plugin for your WordPress SEO site, but we believe Yoast is the best. Yoast allows you to write your own meta description tags plus custom descriptions for social media networks. Additionally, you can also include a search engine title.

Even if you are not familiar with SEO best practices, this plugin will help you significantly.

The list of tips to optimize your site could go on for days, but one final takeaway: don’t try too hard!  Concentrate on publishing unique, relevant and quality content. If you do that, everything else will be a cake walk.  Content is King!

Which WordPress SEO tips have worked best for your business? 

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