It’s no secret, content creation is a significant investment of your time, energy and resources. One of the important aspects of setting your content marketing campaign up for success is choosing the best format for your content.

Choosing a content marketing asset format requires considerable research to discover what type of content your audience prefers.

For example, an infographic may go a long way when targeting millennials whereas an e-book that is much better suited for executive decision makers.

content marketing assets

Here are a few content marketing assets that generate attention online.

1. E-books: 150,000 words in digital form to teach a concept or practice. If done correctly, your e-book will be so useful that it will be cited or referenced by other books written on your topic.

2.  Guides and handbooks: For an audience looking for more brevity than an e-book, these content marketing assets are intended to help someone make a decision, form an opinion, or execute a strategy or tactic.

3. Apps: self-contained programs or software designed to solve unique problems or serve particular purposes.

4. Studies: based on credible research and expert knowledge, studies publish results from detailed investigations and analyses of subjects or situations.

5. Cheat sheets: reference tools that provide brief, simple instructions for making decisions, forming opinions, or executing strategies or tactics. A cheat sheet should be shorter than a guide or handbook, but more in-depth than an infographic.

6. Videos: Web-based video with the intent to solve problems and/or entertain.

7. Mixed-media posts: this format may incorporate a variety of media types (e.g. video, audio, social) with the intent to solve the problems of or entertain a specific audience.

No matter which of the content marketing assets you decide to invest in, don’t waste hard-earned money on creation only to let the asset fall flat on its face due to lack of promotion. Content marketing is not like Field of Dreams. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’re going to come.

Which of these content marketing assets do you use for your brand?

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