Brands will soon have a chance to give themselves a social media facelift with Twitter’s new layout.  The platform is rolling out a popular way for brands to reach out and engage their audiences. Twitter will offer followers customer service, exclusive content and deals.

Twitter’s new layout gives brands an opportunity to reach their audiences with a multimedia experience beyond 140 characters; it also gives Twitter an opening to engage more brands.

twitter's new layout


Here are a few key ways to optimize Twitter’s new layout:

Use sticky tweets to offer exclusive content and news

One of Twitter’s most attractive features – and obvious draw backs – is the impermanence of tweets. A brand with an active timeline might also see tweets disappear from visibility quickly.

You can use sticky tweets to make announcements, offer time-sensitive content and keep important information at the top of a timeline.

Pictures Become More Prominent 

You will now be able to display four images in a single tweet. This opens a world of possibility for brands: using photos to tell a short story or offering previews of upcoming products and services.

Brands can also tweet crowd sourced photos from followers. This will encourage followers to share images that represent the brand best.

Tag followers and capture their attention

The new tagging feature will allow users to tag up to 10 people in a single tweet. This allows brands to carry on conversations with more than one follower at a time, and to aim content specifically at followers.

Brands looking to target particular influencers can use this feature to encourage content sharing with target audiences.

Go big and go often

Much has been made about Twitter’s new layout and it’s similarity to Facebook, but the large header photo can serve a host of purposes for brands. Brands can post a single, image to establish your brand’s voice.

Tell us what you think about Twitter’s new layout! Are you happy with the changes?

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