Launching your company is an exciting and scary time. You have so many ideas and a vision for where you want your business to go. However, if you haven’t developed a scalable marketing strategy to grow and adjust with your ever-changing company, you’ll face some obstacles sustaining long-term growth.

scalable marketing strategy

You won’t be able to create a perfect marketing plan to fit your needs from the beginning. What you need to do is create a process that allows you to stay informed on market changes and close to your customers.

To create a scalable marketing strategy, your objective should be agility. Agility to seize marketing opportunities.

Here’s your roadmap to create your plan.

1. Prepare For Expansion Opportunities
Your direct marketing platforms–e-mail lists, social media networks, and mailing lists for print communications–are essential tools in promoting a new product or service launch, expansion, or entry into new markets.

Capturing your customer’s information may start out as a very grassroots effort, but as you grow it can lead to new opportunities.

For example, you may only be able to capture your clients and potential clients e-mail addresses when they buy from your store or online shop.

But once you start to grow, you can partner with other companies, or develop a newsletter that would invite other prospective clients to share their information with your company.

2. Review Your Relationships
Developing a track record of credibility is the quickest way to grow your business. That trust will open doors with your vendors, suppliers, and strategic alliance partners.

They can provide support not just in introducing you to prospective clients, but also offer information about new industries or new regions that you plan to serve.

3. Keep Your Message on Target
As your company’s reputation and name recognition grow, you’ll need to make sure that your marketing message keeps pace and reflects the attributes that your loyal customers value most.

Have you articulated what distinguishes you from your competitors in the markets or regions you’ve targeted for market entry? Make sure you know what really attracts and retains the repeat customers you’ve already cultivated.

When you develop a scalable marketing strategy, your company can maximize it’s potential growth. What success have you had keeping your marketing plan flexible?

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