Recently, Facebook was down for about a half hour across the world and the internet screamed. For many digital marketers, when Facebook is down, it can be maddening and feel like your marketing efforts are stunted.

facebook is down

During the time Facebook was down, users who tried to access Facebook in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel and India received the following message: “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

Problems were also reported across multiple nations in Asia and the Middle East. Shortly after the outage, #Facebookdown started trending all over the world on Twitter.

So what do you do when your life revolves around your Facebook Page? For fun, we put together a list of ideas of what you could do the next time Facebook is down.

  1. Get on to Twitter and send tweets telling everyone that Facebook is down creating a social media apocalypse that crashes Twitter
  2. Clean your desk ..again
  3. Call one of your 5,000 Facebook “friends” on the phone, enjoy the awkward silences
  4. Go to the grocery store. Your Farmville vegetables are rotting and you’re looking frail.
  5. Send an SMS to your friends announcing to them what they already know.. Facebook is down
  6. Read your children a story
  7. Write that proposal for your client that you have been meaning to do for days
  8. Send another Tweet that Facebook is “still” down
  9. Write a blog post about Facebook being down and the implications for society and our reliance on social media
  10. Start planning to create a Facebook competitor
  11. Get out your 100 point bucket list and discover that there is not one digital goal you want to achieve before you die on the list
  12. Schedule a girls night out! It’s been so long since your last one
  13. Email your 1,000 friends and tell them that Facebook is down
  14. Start a crochet club
  15. Do some work
  16. Write a post just like this and watch the page views pour in!

What do you do when Facebook is down?

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